Thanks to Troy Bolton, Gabriella Montez, and their many friends and rivals at East High, High School Musical grew to be one of Disney’s most famous franchises. In 2019, the beloved trilogy even got its own spin-off, called High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. The first movie came out in 2006, which means that the fans have aged 15 years since its release. But even though it’s been more than a decade, the memories of certain High School Musical scenes haven’t faded just yet – and they probably never will.

The trilogy’s catchy songs are undoubtedly all still stuck in fans’ heads, as are some outright ridiculous situations that the main characters found themselves in. From Troy’s ongoing existential angst to Zeke’s baking skills, the unforgettable scenes abound in the High School Musical universe.

10 Zeke Isn’t Allowed To Bake

“Stick to the Status Quo” is a musical sequence, filled with several hilarious moments, but the one that takes the cake is Zeke admitting that he likes to bake. His basketball team is having none of his confession.

Luckily for Zeke, he got a chance to show off his talent in High School Musical 2. He perfected his crème brûlée, as can be seen in “Work This Out”. Nobody seemed to mind it when their livelihood depended on it!

9 Gabriella Sings Next To A Huge Poster Of Troy

In “When There Was Me And You”, Gabriella showed that she can be just as dramatic as her love interest, Troy Bolton. She walked around an empty school, singing about how she felt about Troy ‘betraying’ her for basketball.

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The absolute highlight of the song is her leaning on a giant poster of Troy. Even though he was the star of the school’s basketball team, it’s hard to believe that the school would go as far as to put up a huge poster of him and his teammates.


8 A Jerk With New Shoes

When Troy had an existential crisis, and he did in every single High School Musical movie, he often talked to his father. Coach Bolton might have come across as stern on the basketball court, but in reality, he was a very kind father.

In the second movie, Troy had an unforgettable heart-to-heart with his dad. “Maybe my friends are right, maybe I’m turning into a jerk with new shoes,” he says. He proceeded to tell his father that he didn’t even know who he was anymore.

7 Chad & Ryan Wear Each Other’s Clothes

While Chad and Ryan never crossed paths in the first movie, they certainly did in the second. They butted heads in “I Don’t Dance”. Later in the movie, they are seen wearing each other’s clothes, which is something that didn’t go unnoticed.

Some fans concluded that their clothes-swap indicates that they are romantically involved. Their ship was dubbed Chyan and it’s one of the most written ones in the entire community of High School Musical fan fiction.

6 Troy & Gabriella Finally Kiss

Troyella was one of the most beloved teen movie couples of the 2000s, but fans had to wait until the second movie to finally see them lock lips. They finally did in “You Are The Music In Me” as the fireworks went off in the background.

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A few moments later, the sprinklers turned on, but Troy and Gabriella didn’t seem to mind – and neither did the fans. It just made the scene all the more romantic in the eyes of most teenagers.

5 The Choreography Of “We’re All In This Together”

It’s not just the song itself that is one of the greatest in the entire High School Musical trilogy, the choreography is just as iconic. “We’re All In This Together” is the final song in the first movie and it features the entire cast joining hands and performing together for once.

For an entire movie, they were rivals, but in the end, they realized they were all in the high school entertainment biz together. Even Chad was dancing, the one guy who absolutely despised theater and singing.

4 Ryan & Sharpay’s Audition

This scene won’t leave the fans’ memories because it was simply too bizarre. Ryan and Sharpay auditioned to sing “What I’ve Been Looking For”, which is clearly a song about a romantic relationship.

As the author of the song, Kelsey definitely didn’t appreciate what the siblings had done to her ballad. Sharpay even included a little tap dance solo and solidified her status as the most annoying cast member of the trilogy.

3 Ms. Darbus Gives Students Detention

In one of the funniest scenes of High School Musical, Ms. Darbus welcomes the class back after the summer vacation. The students are rowdy, though, so she starts collecting their phones and giving out detention.

It’s not just her flamboyant outfits that steal the scene, but also the fact that a lesson in this particular high school only lasts about two minutes.

2 The Final Pool Party

One of the most unrealistic things about High School Musical movies is the entire premise of the second movie: how on earth did all these students manage to get a job at the very same country club in the summer? Let’s not forget the iconic pool party at the end of the movie and how they all broke out in perfect rhythm as “All For One” started playing.

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It might be highly improbable, but that’s why this scene lives in the fan base’s collective memory. The Miley Cyrus cameo also helps with making this particular song unforgettable.

1 Troy Looking At His Own Reflection In “Bet On It”

Step aside, Sharpay, there’s a new diva in town! Troy’s delivery of “Bet On It” makes for some amazing High School Musical meme material. When Troy suffers from internal conflict, he resorts to dancing and being overly dramatic.

The absolute highlight of the song is Troy looking at his own reflection in the pond, only to slap it and proceed running around the golf course.

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