In Halo Infinite, there are 12 skulls that players can collect when exploring the game’s campaign mode. Skulls are one of the Infinite’s several well-hidden collectibles available throughout the game’s campaign. While other collectibles have to do with equipment upgrades and voice messages that expand on the game’s lore, skulls are modifiers that directly influence gameplay if activated. Unfortunately, the 12 skulls in Halo Infinite are the hardest collectibles in the game to find, including five that can be missed during campaign missions.

Once a skull is found, players can activate it in the main campaign menu before launching. Skull modifiers impact the game significantly. Some modifiers help the player, like giving Master Chief infinite grenades, and others make the game harder, like only allowing Chief to regenerate shields upon a successful melee kill. Others are just for fun, like the ‘Grunt Birthday Party’ skull.


Activating all the skulls in any Halo game and running through the campaign on legendary mode (a “LASO” run: Legendary All Skulls On) is the hardest thing a player can accomplish in the series. Unfortunately, the final skull collectible is in Halo Infinite’s final mission. Therefore, players looking to complete a LASO run will have to run through the whole campaign to find every skull.

How to Activate Halo Infinite’s Skulls

Players have to activate Halo Infinite’s skulls before they launch the campaign. To do so, select the ‘campaign’ tab from the main menu. Then, select the ‘load game’ tab. The systems save files for the game’s campaign should be visible. Scroll over the desired save file, and a ‘Skulls’ tab should appear on the right side, next to the game’s difficulty. Finally, scroll over the ‘Skulls’ tab and activate the desired skull modifiers. All achievements can still be unlocked with skulls activated, so don’t hesitate to try all of the skulls out at any given time.

Skull modifiers are Halo’s equivalent to cheat codes and have been around ever since Halo 2. The quickest way to get skulls in Halo Infinite is to first look up their locations, especially ones found during campaign missions that cannot be replayed. For players looking to get the skulls as fast as possible, activate the ‘Cowbell’ skull found in the second mission, ‘Foundation.’ This skull allows players to launch vehicles across the map using explosives, and when Chief grapples onto them, he can fly across the map, making it the quickest way to traverse without a Wasp.

Halo Infinite is available for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

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