The Volcano Dungeon is the newest area in Stardew Valley. This guide will show players how they can complete it. Recently, the PC version of Stardew Valley has introduced the version 1.5 updates. In this update, players are now able to explore a new location called Ginger Island off the coast of Pelican Town. Players are able to explore this new area, make new NPC friends, grow new crops, and capture fish. Although, one of the main attractions of this new location is the brand-new explorable dungeon at the heart of an active volcano. This guide will show players how they can beat the Volcano Dungeon.


The Volcano Dungeon can be unlocked after befriending Leo, one of Ginger Island’s residents. Once the player speaks with him, a rock will fall from the sky and open up a pathway into the volcano. Players will be able to find the entrance in the northernmost area of Ginger Island. There are a few things players should do before heading into the volcano. For starters, bring along healing items and the Watering Can. This will make the experience much easier. Players will need to make it to the tenth floor to complete the dungeon. Here’s how players can complete the Volcano Dungeon.

How To Beat The Volcano Dungeon in Stardew Valley

The Volcano Dungeon opens up with a river of lava. In order to cross it, the player will need to use the Watering Can to wet the lava to make the trip across. Now, players will need to make it to the tenth floor of the dungeon. Every floor except the fifth and tenth floor is randomized for this dungeon so make sure to bring the best of your gear and avoid bringing anything you’re afraid of losing.

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For starters, attack enemies as they approach with your sword and avoid collecting materials for this trip. If the player dies, they will wake up out on the beach of Ginger Island. Instead with every floor, aim for the staircase as fast as possible. Once the player completes the dungeon, they will have the ability to take the elevator between floors, making it much easier to harvest materials without unnecessary stress. Each floor will contain switches that will open up the pathway to the next level. Find those and avoid enemies as often as possible. Once the player has made it to the top, they will now have access to the forge to create more powerful gear. Now is the chance to collect all those materials you left behind. It can be challenging, but heal and slowly make your way to the top.

Stardew Valley is available now on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, iOS, and Android.

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