Among other features, Snapchat allows users to check who watched their Story. As a platform that pioneered the concept of disappearing messages, Snapchat has come a long way. Now, people not only use Snapchat for sending photos and short videos via chat, but they also use it to put stories that are visible to many users.

Released nine years ago, Story has become an integral part of the Snapchat experience. Creating a Snapchat Story is relatively simple — all users have to do is open the Snap Camera, click a picture or video, and tap on ‘My Story.’ Snapchat also generates revenue by running ads between Stories in the app’s Discover section.


Snapchatters can either send photos or videos to each other in the form of Snaps or put up a Story that is visible for 24 hours, similar to how Instagram story and WhatsApp status works. Snapchatters can also check who watches their Story and the total number of views. To see who viewed their Snapchat Story, users should open their profile by tapping on their avatar in the top left corner of the home screen and tap on My Story. As Snapchat previews the Story, the number of views appears in the bottom left corner of the display. Then, swiping up on the screen, Snapchatters can check the names of users who have watched their Story. On the official support page, the platform also mentions that one will only see the name of the first 200 users who come across their Snapchat Story.

Here Is How To Change The Visibility Of Your Snapchat Story

By default, a Snapchat Story is only visible to friends. However, just like WhatsApp allows users to hide their profile picture or status from specific people, Snapchat has a similar feature. To change the visibility of a Snapchat Story, tap on the profile avatar, tap on the cog icon at the top right to open the Settings section, and locate Privacy Control options. Select ‘View My Story’ and choose between the three available options on the following screen. The first option is ‘Everyone,’ and selecting this will make the users’ Story accessible to everyone on the platform. The second option is ‘Friends Only.’ As mentioned earlier, it is enabled by default and shows a Story to friends added by the user. The third option is ‘Custom,’ which allows users to block specific friends from watching their Story.

To engross people on the platform and make the experience fun, Snapchat also shows if someone took a screenshot of the Story. Recently, Team Snap unveiled a paid version of the social platform called Snapchat+, where users get access to exclusive features in exchange for $3.99 per month. For example, Snapchat+ subscribers can pin a friend at the top of the chat as ‘#1 BFF,’ make calls and chat via the web version and access the number of users who rewatched a Snapchat Story. Team Snap has promised that it will keep adding new features to Snapchat+ in the future.

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