One of the first things that players will probably realize while playing Valheim is that the world that they are trying to survive in is absolutely massive. There are several different biomes that the player will be able to explore and each one has a huge amount of resources and interesting locations for the player to check out. It can be a little overwhelming sometimes to have to explore such a wide-open space.

It will take players a lot of time to explore the whole world in Valheim, but one way to make the whole experience much easier is by crafting Portals. These Portals will function as fast travel gateways that allow the player to quickly and easily travel between them once the player has them set up. This guide shows players how to create these Portals and also how to use them.


Valheim – How to Craft and Use Portals

Portals are very important for players who want to travel around the world as quickly as possible. This becomes more important later in the game when the player will need to move further and further away from their starting island to progress in the game. By putting up Portals throughout the world though, the player can ensure that they can progress more easily throughout Valheim.

In order to craft Portals though players will first need to get their hands on the Forge and Bronze Bars. This will allow them to craft the Bronze Axe which can chop down stronger trees like Oak and Birch. These trees will grant players with Fine Wood which is an important resource for crafting the Portals. Players will need to acquire 20 Fine Wood, which will require them to cut down a few Birch trees or a large Oak.

After that players will also need to acquire ten Graydwarf Eyes and two Surtling Cores. Odds are players will already have quite a few of the Graydwarf eyes if they have been storing everything that they collect, but if not all the player has to do is go out and kill Graydwarves to collect them. Surtling Cores are a little rarer as players will need to explore Burial Chambers to collect them. These will be found in and around the Black Forest.

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With all of these resources in the player’s possession, all they have to do then is be near a Workbench to craft themselves a Portal. They will then need to reacquire all of those same resources, travel to the area they want to set up a fast travel point at, and then build a new Portal. Once this has been done the player will then need to interact with both Portals and create a “tag”. This is just the name of the Portal pathway, so players will want to name them the same thing to connect them together. For example, if the player has a Portal at their home and another near the Merchant they could add the tag, “Merchant” to both Portals to set up a pathway.

A few things to keep in mind with Portals though is that for one the tags are case sensitive. Ensure that everything is the same case and spelled correctly in order to tag them together. There are also certain types of items that can’t travel through Portals. Players will not be able to bring any kind of Ore or Metal Bar through a Portal, so leave them at home when traveling. Finally, tags can be changed at any time so the player can have six Portals spread throughout the world, but only one at their home base that they change the tag on to travel between the other five. This should cut down on Portal building costs considerably.

Valheim can be played on PC.

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