Fizzy Faz is one of the best upgrades that players can find in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach, giving them an even better chance of surviving the night as they work together with Freddy Fazbear to escape the mall and uncover some of its secrets along the way. Unlike the previous games in the series, FNAF Security Breach features free-roam gameplay that allows players to explore Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizzaplex as a young boy named Gregory who has been locked inside the complex after hours. As Gregory tries to make it until morning in this massive building, he’ll have to run away from aggressive animatronics, security bots, and the mysterious Vanny, making speed and stamina absolutely crucial for his survival.


Among several other upgrades that can be found by exploring the FNAF Pizzaplex, Fizzy Faz is an energy drink that grants Gregory a significant stamina boost, allowing him to run faster and longer with each can the player finds. There are a total of four flavors that players can find in the game, one for each of the Pizzaplex’s Glamrock animatronics. Drinking Fizzy Faz gives Gregory a major advantage while trying to escape the rampaging animatronics and allows him to put more distance between himself and his attackers, making it much easier to survive the night in the mall. Additionally, the stamina boost makes FNAF Security Breach’s postgame content significantly easier since players will no longer be able to save their progress if they choose to stay in the mall after 6 a.m. Fizzy Faz can be found inside collectible presents throughout the massive complex, and while they can all be difficult to track down individually, finding all 4 in one game can be an even greater challenge.

Players will also be able to earn the “Sugar High” achievement by finding 3 of the 4 energy drinks throughout FNAF: Security Breach. It’s worth noting that obtaining all 4 drinks is difficult without glitching the game or breaking the save file, which is likely the reason that only 3 are required for this achievement. The Fizzy Faz drinks must be collected in the right order to obtain all 4 during one playthrough, and the only way to get them all is by choosing to stay in the mall past 6 a.m. after players beat the game.

FNAF Security Breach – Where To Find Freddy’s Fizzy Faz

At 1 a.m. in FNAF Security Breach, players will be given the option to go to either the Loading Dock or the Prize Counter, locking them into one of the two missions. If they choose the Loading Dock, they’ll be able to access this area by going to the food court on the 1st floor of the Pizzaplex and entering the vent next to the Salads and Sides stall. After being chased through the vents by the creepy spider-like Music Man animatronic and sliding down, players will find an old security office with a present on the chair in the back corner. This present contains Freddy’s Fizzy Faz, which players will have to grab before moving on to the next room, otherwise, they won’t be able to come back and get it later.

However, players also have the option to complete the Prize Counter mission instead of the Loading Dock mission, which will lock them out of being able to get this can of Fizzy Faz during the same run. If they choose the Loading Dock mission, they’ll still be able to go back for the Prize Counter can after 6 a.m. if they choose to stay in the mall, so players who want to collect all 4 will have to get Freddy’s Fizzy Faz first.

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FNAF Security Breach – Where To Find Monty’s Fizzy Faz

In order to get Monty’s Fizzy Faz in FNAF Security Breach, players will have to enter the El Chip’s restaurant on the 3rd floor of the Atrium during the Prize Counter mission. This is the second mission that’s available at 1 a.m., and players who want to explore the mall’s arcade can make their way here after escaping Moondrop in the Daycare. Just behind the restaurant’s cash register, there’s a blue door that leads to the kitchen. Inside, there’s a present on the stove just past the Flashlight Recharge station that contains the can of Monty’s Fizzy Faz.

If players choose to complete the Prize Counter mission instead of the Loading Dock mission, they’ll be able to get this can of Fizzy Faz early on in the game, but this will prevent them from getting Freddy’s Fizzy Faz in the same run as players can only complete one of these two missions. However, if players choose to complete the Loading Dock mission early on, they’ll be able to come back for Monty’s Fizzy Faz after 6 a.m., allowing them to collect all 4.

FNAF Security Breach – Where To Find Chica’s Fizzy Faz

After obtaining the Level 2 Security Badge in FNAF Security Breach, players will be able to find Chica’s Fizzy Faz near the main lobby. Just past the central ticket gates, players will see the Glamrock Gifts shop, and the Level 2 Security Door will be in the hallway just to the right. Once they enter this room, players will find a present on the table with Chica’s Fizzy Faz inside as well as another collectible message. Chica’s Fizzy Faz is the easiest to collect in the game, so players should be sure to grab it as soon as they can to get the stamina boost early on.

FNAF Security Breach – Where To Find Roxy’s Fizzy Faz

The final can of Fizzy Faz in FNAF Security Breach can only be obtained after 5 a.m. once players have decommissioned either Chica or Monty and used their parts to upgrade Freddy. At this point, players will make their way to the Roxy Raceway where they’ll find a large construction area in front of the entrance to the track. Here, there will be a set of stairs leading up to a small section of catwalk just to the right of the area’s save point. Roxy’s Fizzy Faz will be waiting inside, and if players have already gotten the other two cans of Fizzy Faz available before this point in the game, they’ll unlock the Sugar High achievement as well.

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Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach is available on PC, Playstation 4, and Playstation 5.

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