Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is the 21st installment, and 11th major installment, in the Assassin’s Creed franchise. Set from 431-422 BCE, the game focuses on either a male or female mercenary that fights on both sides of the Peloponnesian War. Like in previous Assassin’s Creed games, players can complete both main story quests and side quests. There are also powerful bosses scattered throughout the open world that the player will need to conquer to move the story along.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey has switched up its formula by including mythology in its most recent game. Players can fight and defeat mythological bosses in the game while protecting locals and serving the people of Greece. While their “magical” powers are explained away by the First One’s tech, they are still powerful and gruesome. One of the most well-known monsters in Greek mythology is Medusa, and players have the opportunity to face the serpentine woman head-on in this quest. Its recommended that players have a level of at least 50 before attempting this quest.


How to Find Medusa in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey

Start the quest in Eresos In the Petrified Valley on Lesbos. Here, the quest Romancing the Stone Garden will start. There is a crowd of yelling people in this area. Players will speak to a woman named Bryce who has lost her lover, Ligeia, in the Petrified Temple in the Petrified Forest. Bryce commonly meets Ligeia in the temple, and now that she’s missing, a rumor is spreading that Bryce sacrificed her to Medusa, or the “Writhing Dread”. Once the player deals with this rumor and dispatches the angry citizens who started it, they can speak with Bryce who is hiding nearby, and follow her to the Dread Ruins, where Ligeia was taken from. Here, there are many statues and dead plants.

The player will be able to hear Ligeia’s cries, and the pair will quickly travel to the temple in order to save her. To access Medusa’s lair, players will need to find a key. Ligeia was a Daughter of Artemis, and has relayed some of their lore to Bryce. The key to Medusa’s lair is on the island Chios, in the Hunted Forest of Artemis. Players will need to access the Huntress Village, which may be difficult or easy, depending on if they have already completed the Daughters of Artemis’s quests. There is a cave with bears here, and if players go up the staircases in the cave they will find a chest with the relic in it. This relic will act as a key to Medusa’s lair.

Now that the key has been obtained, players can return to Lesbos. Players will need to speak to the mercenary on Eresos’s North Peak that has claimed that he has killed Medusa, even though he obviously didn’t, and fight him for his spear. He will be located near a statue of Poseidon. He will claim that his spear protected him from Medusa, but the assassin will be able to tell that it is ordinary. The door can now be unlocked, and players can kill snakes and grab loot on the way to the Gorgon, all while tracking down the panicking Bryce. Players will need to freerun on top of the crumbling stone and follow her voice as she frantically calls out to Ligeia. As the player gets closer to Medusa, there will be more crumbling statues, and their character will recall the myth of Medusa. Once the two enter Medusa’s chamber, Bryce will mistake the monster for Ligeia and be turned to stone.

How to Beat Medusa in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

A strong melee weapon and a ranged weapon is recommended in this battle, as players will be battling the Gorgon in close quarters and will be fighting her minions from behind cover. In her first phase, Medusa will activate a bubble shield, and stone mercenaries will fall from the ledges above. Players should address these enemies first while avoiding Medusa’s laser eyes. They can also hide behind pillars so that they are out of her line of sight. When they are defeated, players will have an opening to attack Medusa directly. Get as many hits in as possible before she starts to teleport around the arena.

During this phase of the battle, she will start putting out blasts and raining down attacks from above. Players should err on the side of caution and retreat after completing a combo. If Medusa has the opportunity to grab the player, she will perform a powerful stab. Players can also anticipate her aerial attacks by monitoring the red circles on the ground. She will also use a laser beam from her eyes, and players should take cover behind pillars again to avoid it. After this attack, players can sprint up to her to attack or use a ranged weapon as she recharges to teleport again. When she is about at 75% health, she will bring her statues to life again and shoot her laser beams. She will restart her bubble shield whenever she loses another 25% of her health.

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At the last 25% of her health, she will start the bubble shield phase again, but she will also start raining down her attacks again. Players can anticipate these by the red circles on the floor as well. Once Medusa has been defeated, the player’s character will wrestle with a golden snake, which will turn into an artifact for the Gates of Atlantis questline. She will then plant the rose that Bryce brought for Ligeia in honor of the couple.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is available now on Xbox One, PC, and Play Station 4.

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