Aegislash is an incredibly powerful Ghost/Steel-type Pokemon making its debut in Pokemon Go. This guide will show players how they can find and capture it. Pokemon Go will soon be rolling out it’s “Go Beyond” update where a new generation of Pokemon will be introduced from the mainline sixth generation titles. This includes creatures from Pokemon X and Y, a region based on France. The region introduced over 70 new Pokemon to collect and the Mega Evolution mechanic that helped Pokemon reach their highest potential. Now, normal Pokemon from X and Y will be making the leap into the game. This guide will show how players can obtain Aegislash in Pokemon Go.


Aegislash was one of the best Pokemon available in Pokemon X and Y. Not only in casual play but with competitive competitions as well. Both containing high attack, defensive, and speed stat, this Pokemon was able to adapt to almost every situation. Also, it’s unique typing of Ghost and Steel proved to be a deadly combo when put together. Even in the newest mainline entry, Pokemon Sword & Shield, players were able to find one out in the Wild Area and add them to their team without needing to grind for it. Now, Kalos Pokemon are making their debut in Pokemon Go. Here’s how players can obtain Aegislash.

How To Find (& Catch) Aegislash in Pokemon Go

With the Kalos update releasing this upcoming December, only a few Kalos Pokemon will be making their debut first in Pokemon Go. This includes Pokemon like the starters, Fletcling, and Litleo. Aegislash and its family, Honedge and Doublade will be available at a later date. To obtain Aegislash in the mainline titles, players needed to give a Doublade a Dusk Stone. In previous generations in Pokemon Go, an evolutionary item was introduced for those Pokemon that needed stones in older games. It is likely that players will need to collect 100 Honedge candy and the “Kalos” stone needed to evolve Doublade into an Aegislash.

Pokemon X and Y changed the entire Pokemon formula when it released back in 2013. Not only is it the first mainline Pokemon title to be released in 3D, but the game also introduced Fairy-type Pokemon, the answer to breaking down Dragon-type Pokemon. Pokemon Go continues to add to its large roster of Pokemon as new creatures are patched into the game. Soon, the mobile title will catch up to the mainline titles with the amount of Pokemon available.

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Pokemon Go is available now on iOS and Android.

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