Shiny Spoink is an incredibly rare creature in Pokemon Go. As with the mainline series, Shiny Pokemon are different colored variations of normal Pokemon. They don’t actually do anything special in form of abilities or stats, but finding them is like locating a needle in a haystack. Pokemon Go has made the process of hunting Shiny Pokemon much easier due to the Community Day events that take place every month. For September, players have the chance to encounter a Shiny Oshawott during Community Day. Shiny Spoink is another question entirely and it is much more difficult to encounter.

Pokemon Go hosts these weekly events known as Spotlight Hours. During this period, a specific Pokemon will have its spawn rate drastically increased. It also gives players an added bonus like double the XP for capturing Pokemon, or double the candy for transferring Pokemon during this time period. Spoink is having its own Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour on September 7th from 6 pm to 7 pm local time. This is a player’s best chance of finding a Shiny Spoink.


While the odds of encountering a Shiny Pokemon during Spotlight Hour remain the same, there is still a better chance of finding it due to how many Spoink spawn at a time. There are a few things players can do to increase their chances.

How To Catch Shiny Spoink During Pokemon Go’s Spotlight Hour

  • Incense: This increases the overall spawn rate of all Pokemon in the area. Use this item for a better chance of finding a Shiny Spoink.
  • Fast Catch Trick: To maximize the number of Pokemon players encounter, they should do the fast catch trick in Pokemon Go. This allows players to skip the capturing animation when encountering Pokemon and saves tons of time.
  • Run: If players aren’t comfortable with the Fast Catch Trick, they can just run away every time they encounter a Spoink that isn’t Shiny. This will also save time between encounters.
  • Lure Modules: Similar to Incenses, this item allows players to increase the spawn rate of all nearby Pokemon. Players can use this item with friends and increase the chances of one of the players finding a Shiny Spoink. Take turns to alleviate the responsibility.

Players will have a much harder time finding a Shiny Spoink outside of this Spotlight Hour but it’s not impossible. The game will host its Psychic Spectacular event where the spawn rate of Psychic-type Pokemon will have their spawn rates increased drastically. The odds will need to be in their favor to find a Shiny Spoink.

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Pokemon Go is available now on iOS and Android.

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