The Hunter class in World of Warcraft can tame almost any wild creature native to Azeroth as a companion, and the newest expansion, Shadowlands, has increased the variety of beasts for these players to choose from. The expansion also includes new and powerful artifacts players can pick up to help them level up and upgrade their character. As this expansion brings the living in close contact with the world of the dead, Hunters can also find an artifact that will allow them to tame undead creatures as pets.

There are several different undead creatures scattered around Azeroth and specifically in the Shadowlands, including Devilsaurs, Hounds, Birds, Raptors, and Wind Serpents. While during the pre-patch, only Undead Hunters could bond with Undead beasts, with the launch of the full Shadowlands expansion, any Hunter can learn this ability now. Hunters will need to head to Maldraxxus to find the artifact. It will be a random drop, so it may take some time for players to find one. Here’s how Hunters can tame undead beasts in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands.


How to Tame Undead Beasts in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Taming the Undead Beasts in Shadowlands requires players to find a Simple Tome of Bone-Binding. These drop most often in Maldraxxus. Players will need to kill mobs to get the drop, but because it is random, players may need to go through several mobs of enemies to finally get one. While this can be done throughout Maldraxxus, and there have been reports by players of drops in areas like Ardenweald, the best places to go are the Theater of Pain area or later in the Plaguefall Dungeon.

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As a perk of their race, undead hunters should still be able to tame these creatures by default without needing to find a Simple Tome of Bone-Binding.

If players are eager to get their new bony friend, they can speed up the farming process for the tome by seeking out and killing elite mobs in Maldraxxus. There is a slightly increased chance of getting a drop from one of these. Players should note that they will need to have finished the Bastion main story in Shadowlands for a Simple Tome of Bone-Binding to unlock.

The Tome is a bind-on-pickup item players can use to learn Undead beast taming. The ability will apply to a player’s entire account, meaning any alts of the hunter class can also adopt an undead companion to travel with.

Once the hunter has learned how to tame Undead beasts, they will need to cast Tame Beast on the one they would like to make a pet or companion. Some of the creatures available to become pets include:

  • Hound
  • Fel Mongrel
  • Gluth
  • Precious
  • Hell Hound
  • Terrorfang Hound
  • Devilsaur
  • Reanimated Monstrosity
  • Rotting Monstrosity
  • Urok
  • Raptor
  • Reban
  • Sarltooth
  • Returned Predator
  • Ohgan
  • Wind Serpent
  • Shade of Hakkar
  • Bird of Prey
  • Black Rook Falcon
  • Scourgebeak Fleshripper

These creatures can be found across the map, including areas like Icecrown and Nazmir. It is also possible players will be able to make an undead version of former dungeon bosses or a Scourge creation a pet.

World of Warcraft is available now on PC.

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