Humankind is Amplitude’s new 4x historical strategy game similar to Civilization that allows the player to grow and expand their society throughout six different eras. The player begins developing a nomadic society akin to the peoples who crossed the Bering Strait in some of the earliest known human communities. However, with ten different civilization types to choose from and various techniques to progress through time, players may need to know the best ways to navigate quickly through this complex simulator.

Time is a valuable resource in Humankind, and understanding the time it takes to conquer a certain era is crucial to attaining the optimal rate of progression through the game. Apart from focusing on the best culture combinations, there are various strategies that players can use to advance more quickly. These strategies, if implemented, can afford the player the quickest and most efficient way to succeed as a civilization over the course of six hundred years.

Advance through the eras in Humankind requires players to earn Era Stars. The way to do this quickly is by increasing fame and influence. There are tasks throughout Humankind that players can complete to increase the level of fame they have in comparison to other societies. If a culture increases its fame, it simultaneously increases the player’s Era Stars. Achieving a certain number of Era Stars will automatically unlock the next era. Players can then continue to advance their society faster.

1 Strategies for Progressing Quickly in Humankind

Another strategy players can take advantage of in Humankind is building up a culture’s religion. The culture that controls the religion receives multiple benefits from the selected tenets, often making fame, and thus, Era Stars, quicker and easier to obtain.

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Cultures should also focus on strategically navigating their tech tree. The tech tree is vitally important for two reasons. A culture’s tech tree increases its influence over other societies and also increases the technology players can acquire and use in each era. Leveraging the skill tree can give players boosts to quickly complete tasks, which directly correlates to attaining the necessary Era Stars to advance rapidly to the next time period.

Players can also shorten the number of turns in a single game of Humankind using the Game Speed option in Settings. The options include:

  • Blitz: Max 75 Turns
  • Fast: Max 150 Turns
  • Normal: Max 300 Turns
  • Slow: Max 450 Turns
  • Endless: Max 600 Turns

At each Game Speed, players can expect Population growth, Industry, Money, and Technology Research speed to scale to accommodate the number of turns available. Players looking for quick progress may enjoy the scaling in Blitz or Fast modes.

It is clear that the player can take advantage of the multitude of tasks laid out in Humankind to earn Era Stars and progress expeditiously to the next era. Whatever strategy or combination of strategies each player ultimately chooses, there are a variety of ways to optimize time in a game where time is so deeply entrenched within the gameplay and story.

Humankindis available for PC, MacOS, and Google Stadia.

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