The upcoming 2020 horror remake, The Invisible Man, gets a clever Twitter emoji for its hashtag that takes advantage of the dark mode background feature. Blumhouse Productions has recently released the first trailer and poster for their upcoming horror movie starring Elisabeth Moss to go alongside the new emoji.

This modern version of The Invisible Man updates the premise of the original 1933 film and centers on an abuse victim named Cecilia (Moss), who escapes the torment of her sociopathic ex-boyfriend, Adrian (Oliver Jackson-Cohen). After her escape, Adrian is found to have committed suicide, with his final wishes giving Cecilia $5 million. The one stipulation is Cecilia must never be ruled mentally incompetent. The inheritance turns out to be a set up for a disturbing mind game Adrian has planned for Cecilia. Inventing a device to turn invisible, Adrian follows Cecilia around to psychologically abuse her into making her come across as mentally unstable to everyone around her.


Expected with all movie releases, Twitter has included an emoji in The Invisible Man’s hashtag, as pointed out by Bloody Disgusting’s John Squires. Twitter could have quickly slapped together a generic emoji visible to all users to promote the film, but The Invisible Man‘s hashtag stands out from the rest in a subtle and clever way, as the emoji reflects the tone of invisibility. The emoji is a relatively simple one, a white handprint of the invisible Adrian that appeared briefly in the trailer. What makes this emoji so interesting is how it is only visible when Twitter is in night mode.

Some users might not be aware of this dark mode feature on Twitter and will miss out on this clever emoji. To experience the emoji on Desktop, go onto Twitter and click on the “More…” tab on the left-hand side. Once the tab is opened, click on “Display.” At the bottom of the page, the background can be changed from “Default,” “Dim,” and “Lights Out.” The emoji will become visible on the “Dim” or “Lights Out” backgrounds. For mobile users, the steps will be in the same order with the “More…” tab replaced by “Settings and Privacy.”

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Adding to the already disturbing trailer is this attention to detail that makes the most out of modern social media marketing. The missable invisible emoji is a fantastic concept that builds the hype for the movie’s February 2020 release date. Months from now, when other upcoming releases put out their new trailers, The Invisible Man will still be remembered thanks to its clever emoji.

Source: John Squires/Twitter

Key Release Dates
  • The Invisible Man (2020)Release date: Feb 28, 2020
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