The new iPhone SE 3 has been officially announced, with pre-orders due to begin soon. The new compact iPhone is available in three storage variants, with the top-end version costing as much as an iPad Air. While the new iPhone is the cheapest model in Apple’s current lineup, it’s also the most expensive iPhone SE to date.

The iPhone SE range was first introduced back in 2016, followed by a second-generation iteration in 2020. These models were designed to take some of the core features of the current flagship iPhone, like its next-gen processor, and place them inside a more compact, budget-friendly package. This also meant that some aspects of the flagship iPhone were downgraded on the SE model, such as the design, camera and battery life. Like its predecessor, the latest iPhone SE 3 will be keeping the same unchanged design, but this time around, its availability will be a little bit earlier than usual.


Apple launched the iPhone SE 3 two years after its predecessor, the iPhone SE 2020. According to Apple’s website, buyers can expect the new iPhone SE iteration to hit stores and ship by March 18. However, pre-orders will become available as early as 5AM PST on March 11. Given that the iPhone SE 3 packs several hardware upgrades, it is probably not too surprising that the price is higher than the previous model.

iPhone SE 3 Pricing Options

While the iPhone SE 3 colorways might seem familiar, the same can’t be said about the pricing options. The lowest 64GB storage variant now starts at $429 (about $30 higher than the iPhone SE 2020), while the 128GB option now starts at $479. The largest available (256GB) storage option now costs $579, which is almost as much as the 4th-generation iPad Air. Interested buyers can make a one-time payment in full, or pay $17.87 per month over 24 months. Getting an AppleCare+ insurance plan with the phone costs an additional $79 for two-year coverage or $3.99 per month.

It’s also possible to trade in the previous iPhone SE model, which helps reduce the overall price by $150. Meanwhile, those looking to switch from different branded flagship smartphones can trade in a Samsung Galaxy S21 and Google Pixel 5 to slash the iPhone SE 3’s price by $250 and $215 respectively, given that the models are in good condition. The iPhone SE 3 adopting the same aesthetic as its predecessor doesn’t exactly justify the increase in price, but it does strengthen the notion that it’s what’s on the inside that counts. That said, Apple is also understood to be planning some drastic design changes for the upcoming iPhone 14 series.

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