Jack Black voices a velociraptor as part of a new climate change campaign launched by the United Nations. The 52-year-old has previously lent his vocal cords to major animated pictures including Kung Fu Panda and Shark Tale. Currently, Black is working to provide the voice of Bowser in an untitled Super Mario Bros. film, and is also voicing the robot Claptrap in an upcoming Borderlands adaptation.

Black’s impressive vocal range shot into the spotlight following his starring role in the 2003 hit, School of Rock. His ascension into mainstream fame helped to elevate his band Tenacious D, which he fronted alongside his friend and fellow comedian, Kyle Gass. The band has functioned as a platform from which Black could promote various political, social, and environmental issues. In 2018, Tenacious D released their fourth studio album, Post-Apocalypto, along with an accompanying YouTube series. The album featured tracks like “Save the World” and “Desolation,” which encouraged people to consider humanity’s impact on the environment and save the planet.


Working in conjunction with the United Nations, Black is once again asking people to fight climate change, this time from behind the face of a velociraptor. In a new campaign film, Black gives voice to the CGI dinosaur named Frankie as he addresses the international organisation. He begins his speech by saying that humanity is headed for a “climate disaster” and encourages governments to combat poverty instead of investing in fossil fuels. “So here’s my wild idea,” he adds, “don’t choose extinction. Save your species before it’s too late.” Check out the video below:

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The short film is reportedly intended to shine a light on the devastating effects of fossil fuels on both society and the climate. Made accessible globally, other actors including Eiza González Reyna and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau also voice Frankie the velociraptor in other languages. Intoning a powerful message, it is perhaps no wonder that the U.N. selected names and voices that were globally recognised, particularly as international attention is drawn towards the COP26 climate change summit in Glasgow.

Though primarily known for his comedy film work and satirical music, Black’s familiar, emotive voice make him an obvious choice for a project such as this. With the added benefit of drawing in his broad fanbase, the short film is likely to receive higher visibility online. Fans of Black are familiar with his eccentric methods of communicating social and political views – besides the rock music of Tenacious D, Black has been known to share comedic PSAs through his social media which often end with him leaping into a pool. Needless to say, while the subject matter in this latest video retains its seriousness, witnessing Blackaddress the U.N. as a velociraptor should amuse many.

Source: United Nations

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