One of the Arrowverse’s brighter and crazier shows is the time-traveling adventure drama Legends of Tomorrow. For almost five years now, the heroes of the Waverider have been protecting the timeline as well as messed it up several times. Each season has taken on new foes threatening the safety of time and space. Throughout the show’s run, the team has evolved and changed its line-up with new members coming and going throughout the various seasons. Legends of Tomorrow has, like the other DC TV shows on The CW, gained a huge loyal fan following that keeps growing season after season.

With the series not taking itself too seriously, it has allowed a lot of inside jokes and gags to come to life. Like many fandoms of other TV shows and movies, the Legends of Tomorrow one are really talented with their fan-art and memes. From the many laughs that are shared about the show’s rules (or lack of) for time travel and more, there are a lot of wonderful memes out there. With that said, these are the ten best Legends of Tomorrow memes that will put a smile on loyal Waverider fans.

10 Prison Break

Leonard Snart a.k.a. Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) was one of the first original members of the team when the show began. Beginning a journey that took him from villain to reformed hero, Leonard’s death was a hard one for fans. While Miller’s character was well received, one of his other projects always managed to get a shout out or two during his time in the Arrowverse.

Many fans will recognize Miller as Michael Scofield on Prison Break which he starred in with Dominic Purcell who plays former Flash rogue Heatwave. That’s why moments like the one in this meme is funny for fans of both shows as they probably become just like Steve Rogers in those moments.

9 From Companion to Time Master

For Arthur Darvill, it wasn’t his first rodeo when he joined The CW series as Rip Hunter. Many fans will recognize him as Rory Williams from Doctor Who as one of the eleventh Doctor’s (Matt Smith) companion and Amy Pond’s (Karen Gillian) husband.

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That’s why it became a special treat for fans of the BBC drama when Darvill signed on to become a Time Master on this show. This meme perfectly captures that journey that Darvill basically went from being a companion to becoming the Arrowverse’s own version of The Doctor.


8 Buzzkill Rip

While Rip wasn’t necessarily evil, the Time Master had his tendencies of lying to the team a lot in the first season. It’s perfectly understandable why the Legends struggled with this guy as much as they did. It became even more logical when Sara (Caity Lotz) had her clash with him after finding out that he knew about her sister Laurel (Katie Cassidy) dying while she was time traveling.

Arrow season four wasn’t the best year for the series after they did the shocking decision to kill off the Black Canary. This meme is most likely relatable for viewers who were upset with the death as Rip, painfully, states that not even he can change the writing of that show.

7 Rogues Go Civil War

One of the relationships that faced its fair share of challenges was Leonard and Mick. Once working as a pair of criminals, the two Rogues had quite the journey when they first joined the Waverider.

While not related by blood, Captain Cold and Heatwave were, in many ways, brothers for life. But Mick surely struggled at first of seeing his partner in crime starting to shift to be a good guy. Just like the meme points out, their struggle definitely has a Captain America: Civil War vibe to it.

6 Struggling Size

When you have a superhero that can both super-shrink and size, it becomes an important player on your team. That was definitely the case for Ray Palmer/The Atom (Brandon Routh) who was another original team member.

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But imagine the pain of having to always watch where you are going, in case Ray is in his super-small mode that day. At any minute, you could possibly have walked right on Ray when he is in his tiny mode.

5 Messy Time Travelers

It’s no secret that Legends of Tomorrow isn’t the only show on The CW to deal with time travel. Supergirl and The Flash have had their fair shares of messing with the time travel more than once. While it’s hard to pin down who is the more “responsible” time traveler, this meme is spot on.

With all the rules that exist out there, who actually had time to invent them? What if it’s the insane amount of rules against time travel that makes it more complicated than it should?

4 Screwing the Timeline

No matter how many times they have been told by others, the Legends continue to struggle with sticking to the rules. Even if they themselves make it a rule to not go back in time and change things, they still end up doing it at least once per season.

At some point, in their minds, it must almost become appealing for them to mess with the timeline to a degree. That’s why this meme captures most of the team in a nutshell.

3 Breaking the Timeline Casually

The longer Legends of Tomorrow goes, the more opportunity they will have with screwing up the timeline in one way or another. Even if they manage to restore things back to how they were, some effects will always remain. Since they are the heroes of this show, it’s safe to assume that they do feel calm to some degree about always finding a way to fix their mistakes in the end.

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This meme can pretty much be used for any of the Legends as they, internally, are probably calmer whenever the timeline is at the risk of being changed.

2 Not Just Barry

Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) has been one of the Arrowverse heroes to change the timeline more than once. Following Flashpoint in the third season of the Scarlet Speedster-led drama, his fellow Super Friends made it abundantly clear that they don’t want him to time travel anymore.

Like many things that he has messed up with in the past, this meme is golden for anyone who is Team Barry. It’s not just the fastest man alive that has managed to break time.

1 Arrowverse’s Time Travel Rules Struggle

Despite being set in the same universe, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow somehow have different time travel rules. When it comes to not engaging with their past or future selves, you can bet that they have absolutely broken that rule at some point. While one show gets majorly affected by this action, this meme reminds everyone that on The Flash, it was no problem for Barry to meet a future version of himself.

Maybe Crisis on Infinite Earths will make the time travel rules be consistent across all the Arrowverse shows, present, and future ones.

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