Hulu debuts the first Letterkenny season 10 trailer revealing the hit Canadian comedy series is returning this Christmas, first in Canada than the US. The show first found life as a YouTube series entitled Letterkenny Problems before being acquired by Canadian streaming platform Crave for a full-length series. Letterkenny was originally created by star Jared Keeso and developed and primarily written by Keeso and fellow co-star and director Jacob Tierney.

Letterkenny is set in the titular fictional Ontario town and revolves around the lives of some of the people living there, primarily sibling farm owners Wayne and Katy and their friends Daryl and Squirrely Dan. After two highly acclaimed and largely watched seasons on Crave, Hulu would acquire the rights to stream the series in the U.S. before ultimately acquiring exclusive rights ahead of the premiere of season 7 for future seasons of the show. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and Canada’s stricter regulations, production on Letterkenny season 10 didn’t get underway until this past summer and now audiences hungry for the show’s return have exciting news coming their way.


Nearly a year after the last season arrived, Hulu has released the first trailer for Letterkenny season 10. The video gives a quick tease of the chaos and antics to come from the next chapter of the hit series and confirmed that the show will return this Christmas, first in Canada on Crave then in the U.S. on Hulu the following day. Check out the trailer below:

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The Letterkenny season 10 trailer may not offer much in the way of what can be expected from the story to come from the show’s return, but it does come with plenty of exciting teases for fans of the series. The video features glimpses of plenty of scraps for the hicks and hockey players, namely Keeso’s second character Shoresy, and the returns of troublesome exes Dierks and Anik, who were last seen in the season 9 finale to now be in a relationship after breaking Katy and Daryl’s hearts. Additionally, the season 10 trailer confirms the return of Wayne’s own troublesome ex Marie-Fred following the season 9 cliffhanger seeing him contemplating going back to her.

Though this may spell trouble for Wayne, the Letterkenny season 10 trailer does feature plenty of his current girlfriend Rosie. With Keeso’s lead character generally portrayed as trying to be honorable in the world of dating, it will be interesting to see whether Wayne falls into bad habits and breaks Rosie’s heart or sticks to his guns and stays away from his cheating ex. Only time will tell when Letterkenny arrives on Crave on December 25 followed by Hulu on December 26.

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