Lynda Carter recently recreated the well-known twirl her character Diana Prince used to transform into Wonder Woman. First debuting in comic book pages back in 1941, Wonder Woman would go on to become one of the most famous and legendary superheroes of all-time. Her original live-action series launched on television in 1975, with Carter starring as both the title character and as her secret alter-ego. The show ran for three seasons, but the persona of Wonder Woman is one that remains indelibly connected to Carter to this day.

Along with its infectious theme song, Wonder Woman’s transformation twirl, through which she shifts from her civilian identity into the Amazonian superhero, is one of the more universally recognizable aspects of the series. Ironically enough, the twirl was more “Carter” than it was “Wonder Woman”, as it was her idea to include it. Initially, there was no mechanic in place for said transformation, so Carter, who was also a dancer, suggested the spin, to which they would then later add slo-mo, sound, and visual upgrades to dramatize the effect.


In a video posted to her Twitter account last week, Carter recreated Wonder Woman’s signature twirl, which transforms her from her civilian identity into the Amazonian superhero. Along with the video, which has amassed more than a million views and counting, Carter included a caption reminding everyone to head down to their local polling place and vote. You can see the tweet below:

Although born on the island paradise of Themyscira, Wonder Woman has long served as an American icon, clad in red, white, and blue, and adorned in stars reminiscent of the American flag. The 2017 Wonder Woman film starring Gal Gadot found the hero fighting on behalf of the U.S. and Allied powers in World War I, just as her comic book and television depiction initially had her supporting the Allies in World War II. With it being Election Day, it’s fitting for Carter to channel Wonder Woman once more to promote and encourage efforts in helping shape the direction of the United States for the next four years.

Wonder Woman has long represented a symbol of strength and hope, not only to girls and women, but to all people. From her inception, she was the “anti-damsel in distress”, not needing anyone to save her, but fully prepared and capable of saving herself and everyone else around her. Carter’s video signifies each individual using their own power to be that very hero the country needs in a year like 2020. And it illustrates, after all this time, just how synonymous Carter remains with the inspirational symbol of Wonder Woman.

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