While Mad Men might be dominated by the adult characters, from Don Draper to Roger Sterling, there are several younger characters that make their presence known. The best of these is Sally Draper, a character who is deserving of her own Mad Men spin-off series and who audiences get to literally watch grow up on the show, going from a girl to a confident young adult.

Because of her parents’ problems, Sally is put through a lot in her young life. From making cocktails for adults to catching her father cheating, Sally has to mature faster than most. However, that leads to her being a strong, independent, and confident character that is involved in a lot of fantastic scenes throughout the show.

10 When She Runs Away

Sally Draper is a confident girl from a young age, and when she falls out with Betty, she makes the decision to run away and find her father. She somehow makes it all the way to his office, where she thinks everything will be perfectly fine.

In reality, he is angry she took such a huge risk and Sally continues to be stubborn when she flat out refuses to leave. She eventually runs away and trips into the arms of Megan, but this just showcased how headstrong she can be.

9 When She Gets Tickets To See The Beatles

While Sally Draper is shown in a lot of serious scenes throughout Mad Men, at the end of the day, she is just a young girl. At that point in life, it’s all about having fun and enjoying yourself and that is never shown better than when she gets tickets to see The Beatles.

It’s a moment of pure joy for her, as Don tells Sally the news on the phone. She quickly drops the phone and shrieks as loud as possible, dancing around to show just how happy she is to have got the tickets.


8 When She Drives A Car

Sally has a brilliant relationship with her grandfather, Gene, who is someone that takes a very relaxed approach when it comes to rules, to say the very least. That’s how Sally ends up behind the wheel of a Lincoln, driving, with Gene not bothered in the slightest.

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It’s a miracle nobody ends up seriously hurt in this situation, but it is an absolutely iconic moment from Sally’s life and shows what a rollercoaster journey she goes on throughout her early years.

7 When She Argues With Her Mom

Sally and Betty have a complex and difficult relationship that is a true rollercoaster of emotions and there have been more than a few bad parenting decisions in Mad Men. Betty always wants the best for her daughter, but given her history in the modeling world, she can often see things from a superficial, physical standpoint.

When Sally ends up breaking her nose after a sword fight with gold clubs, she is left with an obvious injury. Immediately, Betty questions it and shouts at her daughter, but at this point in her life, Sally is older and she fires back, which leads to a heated argument between them.

6 When She Reads Betty’s Goodbye

The end of the show brings quite a lot of emotion for Sally Draper due to her mother’s health. While they don’t always get along, it’s clear to her at this point just how much she loves her, and when she reads the letter that Betty wrote for her, it hits hard.

Seeing Sally slowly read the letter and break down with emotion is a rare moment for a character that is typically quite strong and stern. It’s an amazing piece of acting from Kiernan Shipka, and it creates a scene that audiences are sure to be touched by.

5 When She Looks After Her Brothers

Sally Draper is often shown focusing on herself and what she wants, but she is a caring older sister. When Betty gets sick, this becomes clear, as she returns home and instantly looks after her younger brothers.

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Sally returns and immediately tries to put their minds at ease and begins helping around the house, washing up, and doing different chores. It shows a different side of Sally and proves that she is maturing, which is one of the reasons she becomes so beloved.

4 When She Spends Valentine’s Day With Her Dad

Sally and Don always have amazing scenes together, and when they spend Valentine’s Day together, this much is clear. The two have a frosty relationship just before this point, and the two of them talk openly about their issues over food.

Don, for a change, is incredibly honest with his daughter at this moment and it gains her respect. At the end of their time together, Sally wishes him a happy Valentine’s Day and says she loves him in one of the most redeeming moments in Mad Men, which is what he needs to hear at that point in time.

3 When She Catches Her Dad Cheating

Don Draper is a serious adulterer, and that’s something that everyone soon realizes when they watch the show. Many of the women, even Betty, are aware of his problem as well, but in Sally’s eyes, Don is her true hero and somebody she respects.

That is until she visibly catches her Dad cheating on Megan in one of Mad Men‘s most emotional scenes. Don is cheating on Megan with one of their neighbors, Sylvia, and unfortunately, Sally ends up walking in on them. It’s not a nice scene, but it’s a crucial one that really impacts the relationship between Sally and Don, making it a memorable one.

2 When She Learns About Don’s Past

Don Draper is a very secretive man, with only a limited number of people actually knowing the truth about him as a person. Sally isn’t one of those lucky few, at first, but after a poor period of Don’s life, he hits rock bottom and decides to open up to her.

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He takes Sally to see his first-ever home, which is run down and a complete contrast to the way she and her siblings grow up. It totally opens her eyes as to how her dad grew up and why he can sometimes be cold, and it marked a great development in their connection.

1 When She Wanted To Be Her Own Person

Something that is clear with Sally Draper is that she has elements of both Don and Betty in her personality. However, she is also smart enough to realize that she doesn’t want to actually be anything like either of them, which she makes crystal clear to Don when he takes her to the bus station.

Her words sting when she tells her dad she doesn’t want to be like either him or her mom. It shows how she’s learned a lot about life through them, over the years, coming to a natural conclusion that she’s better off as her own person.

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