Before Martin Lawrence became a popular movie star thanks to the Bad Boys franchise, he starred in the ’90s FOX sitcom Martin. The show, which aired from August 27th, 1992, to May 1st, 1997, was one of the highest-rated offerings at the network at the time. After it ended, Martin was syndicated in several other networks.

The series revolved around the hilarious woes between Martin Payne (Martin Lawrence) and his girlfriend Gina (Tisha Campbell). Martin Lawrence occasionally portrayed several other minor characters in the sitcom. Here are the best ever episodes of the series, according to IMDb ratings.

10 The Life You Save Might Make You Rich (8.5)

In the seventh episode of Season 5, Martin found himself the hero as he saved the life of an African prince while attending a dinner party at a posh restaurant. The prince was impressed by his bravery and decided to reward him with plenty of money and a couple of lavish gifts.

Strangely enough, he also offered Martin an extra sum in order to “be with Gina” for the night. Martin accepted the offer, believing that the money would enable him to build his own mini-palace. But Martin soon realized that the prince had more plans for Gina. He wanted to take her away from him completely and make her his wife.

9 Guard Your Grill (8.6)

The 21s episode of Season 2 was written by Martin Lawrence himself. In it, Martin participated in a charity boxing match and emerged the winner. He thus developed delusions of grandeur and considered himself as good as Mike Tyson.

He began confronting everyone, including Thomas Hearns, the celebrity judge who was at his fight. Thomas was too friendly to Pam and Gina so Martin suspected he was trying to seduce her. He went on to trash-talk Thomas but this turned out to be a bad move as the celebrity judge made him pay in his next bout.


8 Control (8.6)

In Season 2’s seventh episode, Gina committed a major sin against her soulmate. She accidentally threw Martin’s basketball tickets in the trash can. Given how much he loved basketball, Martin was completely furious.

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To make up for the mistake, Gina agreed to do a job for Sheneneh. In exchange for her services, she would get Sheneneh’s tickets. However, there were more hurdles for her than she could have imagined. She almost gave up on getting the tickets but she eventually did and managed to get back in Martin’s good graces.

7 No Justice, No Peace (8.6)

Martin’s Jeremy Clarkson ways earned him a speeding ticket in the sixteenth episode of Season 2. Not one to accept his mistakes, he decided to challenge the officer’s actions in court.

He accused the officer who issued the ticket of discrimination as well as civil rights violations. He represented himself but didn’t do a good job of convincing the judge and upon realizing he was going to lose, he chose to settle on an insanity plea. What followed was a hilarious exchange in the courtroom that was worthy of repeat viewing.

6 Really, Gina Is Not My Lover (8.6)

In Season 2’s second episode, Martin made plans to attend his high school reunion with Gina. He gave her money to go do her hair and buy nice outfits but the makeover didn’t go exactly as she planned. They decided to go anyway.

Martin was looking forward to winning the “Man Of The Decade” award. So, he was determined to portray himself as a wealthy man with an extremely hot model girlfriend. But fate had other ideas. Martin was eventually exposed for he was, resulting in a disastrous night that he regretted.

5 The Closer I Get To You (8.6)

The host of the fictional Word On The Street Talk Show was arrested in Season 3’s sixth episode, so Martin was brought in to fill in for him. He did such a good job that one of his pieces of advice ended up reuniting a couple.

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Upon realizing this, Martin became proud of himself and began calling himself “The Love Doctor.” He thus developed a habit of dishing out random relationship advice to everyone that he met. Unfortunately for him, his advice was beneficial to other couples like Tommy and Pam but ended up being detrimental to his own relationship with Gina

4 Jerome’s In The House (8.7)

Pam got dumped by her boyfriend in Season One’s 23rd episode. In order to heal and forget about him, she decided that it was best to hook up with a random person.

She settled on Jerome, who was a known womanizer. This hurt the nice guy Cole who really wanted her. It’s a move she later ends up regretting. “Jerome’s In The House” became the most-watched episode of the sitcom at the time. It aired on the FOX network back in April 1993.

3 Boo’s In The House (8.7)

“Boo’s In The House” was the fifth episode of Season 5. In it, Martin and Gina decided to buy their dream house on Halloween. That turned out to be a terrible idea.

After settling in, they discovered that the place was haunted. Strange sounds were coming from every corner, freaking Gina out. She thus told Martin that they had to leave. However, Martin was reluctant as he felt the place would soon be okay, but the horrors kept on coming.

2 Suspicious Minds (8.8)

“Suspicious Minds” was Season 2’s fourteenth episode. In it, Martin was stressed out because he had lost his new CD Walkman. Stan was sure that one of Martin’s friends must have taken it since they all had keys to his house.

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Feeling that Stan made sense, Martin went to each of his friends and began accusing them of theft. It turned out that none of them had taken it. The person who had taken the Walkman eventually decided to return it and it was someone Martin never ever suspected. None of his friends were happy.

1 The Romantic Weekend (8.9)

In the 24th episode of Season 3, Gina became jealous after she heard that Tommy and Pam were planning to celebrate their six month anniversary by vacationing at a luxurious resort. She began complaining to Martin that they never really did anything fun in the relationship.

In order to make her happy, Martin decided to take her on a vacation to the low-rate Chilligan’s Island resort whose advert he saw on a cereal box. They ended up running into Tommy and Pam who were also vacationing at the same resort.

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