Warning! Spoilers ahead for Hulk #3

In the latest issue of Marvel Comics’ Hulk, Bruce Banner may have already found his new purpose now that he’s left the primary Marvel Universe for another dimension. In his new series, Banner has turned his greener half into a starship, restructuring his mind so that he’s always in control from a “bridge” within his mind, putting himself in the captain’s chair. Now, Starship Hulk has found a new world with a variant of himself who was never exposed to gamma radiation. While something much worse happened, it could be the new direction Bruce has been looking for.


In previous issues of Marvel’s new Hulk series from Donny Cates and Ryan Ottley, Banner was blamed for a devastating event in El Paso, Texas. This is what motivated the Hulk’s dramatic transformation into a starship, providing Bruce with a means to leave the Marvel Universe behind to become something new: “I’m leaving because none of you will know how to deal with what I’m going to become.” However, while the Hulk was traveling through an in-between space he was pulled into another dimension, discovering that he’d been captured by an alternate version of himself.

Now, Hulk #3 reveals that this other Bruce Banner and his own gamma experiment was a success, paving the way for the world to become gamma-powered as he’d always dreamed of. However, this instead lead to a global crisis where his g-bomb was taken from him and used for warfare. While it turned the United States into a massive empire, the excess radiation can turn victims into Hulks (though the military classifies them as “abominations”). However, they don’t stay in this world for very long. As such, it’s possible that Banner may try to save them, creating a new World of Hulks in the process.

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While creating a planet of Hulks is just a theory, Banner does have the means and the motive to save them from the void between dimensions. Naturally, he was pretty angry that this world views Hulks as abominations to be discarded. Additionally, Banner could take over this particular world in future issues to serve as his foundation, seeing as how the United States President is none other than Thunderbolt Ross, his longtime rival. Either way, one can imagine that Ross won’t be in control for much longer.

While Banner could just as easily go to war with Ross before moving on, there’s something intriguing about a World of Hulks. Starship Hulk engaging in a rescue mission to save all of the gamma-beings in the void certainly has some narrative potential. Either way, Marvel’s new Hulk series is certainly bold and surprising.

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