One of Minecraft’s most popular recent mods, Immersive Portals, has been used by an inventive player to create a room which randomizes itself each time the door opens. That’s quite a tricky task to implement, although the mod’s functionality has already been used in other amazing projects.

By combining the power of the Immersive Portals and Pekhui mods, one dedicated builder managed to create an example of non-Euclidean geometry in Minecraft. The player constructed quite a simple cabin with no visibly outstanding features. However, inside this ordinary house resides its replica, which can be visited by the gamer after shrinking their character model. This step can be repeated endlessly since the structure always contains a miniature copy of itself. Such mind games are also the focus of this new ingenious creation.


According to Redditor floatingWithNoOrbit, it is possible to use Minecraft’s popular Immersive Portals mod to create an in-game area with functionality similar to Harry Potter’s Room of Requirement. The player shared a video demonstrating their idea in action. Basically, there’s a room whose inside space changes each time the door opens. In the video, the alleged portal each time creates an entrance to a different room, ranging from a TNT-filled closet to a stairway leading somewhere below the surface. It appears that the result is always random, as the room sometimes remains the same after the door is closed and opened again. The still image around the central area of the video, however, looks slightly suspicious. The player doesn’t move the camera at all, which could possibly indicate that viewers are looking at an edit rather than an actual Immersive Portals demonstration.

While some players are claiming that Minecraft’s Immersive Portals mod doesn’t have such a default feature, other community-developed tools offer virtually endless opportunities for modding the survival title. For instance, the popular Create mod is a complex solution to making automated mechanisms and machines in the game. One of the recent Create inventions clearly showed it was possible to turn a simple Minecraft cabin into a working elevator. Funnily, such an amazing functionality wasn’t even intended by the mod’s authors, which could also be true for Immersive Portals’ creators.

This apparent new functionality of the Immersive Portals mod in Minecraft might come in handy for those builders who would like to keep their structures compact while still maintaining enough storage space across infinitely randomized rooms. And even though it could all be just a clever edit, it is still a challenge that many resourceful players would like to accept. Inspired by this suspicious functionality, gamers will probably embark on a complicated journey of recreating the same concept, even if it would require developing a brand new modding tool.

Minecraft is available on all platforms.

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Source: floatingWithNoOrbit/Reddit

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