The vigilante version of the main protagonist of the manga My Hero Academia, Izuku Midoriya aka Deku, has been brought to life beautifully in the awesome cosplay of Dark Deku. Since the beginning of the manga, Deku has been training to use his incredible powers to become a hired superhero, though in more recent chapters Deku has decided to take heroism into his own hands by becoming a vigilante. That motivational change came with a new, edgy look that just crackles with power in this all-new cosplay. 

Dark Deku, or Black Deku, was first revealed by the creator of My Hero Academia, Kohei Horikoshi, after sketches were released for Volume 31 of the manga series. Since then, fans have gotten to experience the darker version of Deku on the pages of the manga series as he abandoned the U.A. to become a vigilante rather than continuing his training to become a professional superhero. 


In a Reddit post by user Tanzeem_Deku, the cosplayer rocks an incredibly faithful costume of Dark Deku while striking an electrifying pose. Not only is the cosplay accurate to the original manga depiction, but the cosplayer added bits of special effects to the image, giving off the impression that Dark Deku has in fact jumped from the pages of My Hero Academia. The special effects definitely give the image an extra edge, but even without them, the cosplay is a perfect real-life depiction of Dark Deku, from the tattered clothes to the sinister-looking broken mask. 

As perfectly captured in the awesome cosplay, Dark Deku wears a war-torn version of his original costume along with a broken mask that gives the appearance that the vigilante is sporting a bone-chilling smile. While Dark Deku abandoned U.A., the darker form was actually hurting Izuku as he had to harness Black Whip constantly while also working himself nearly to death. The dark and gritty form wasn’t just the updated costume but also showed that he wasn’t even giving himself time to eat, sleep, or bathe in between battles. While Deku took off on his own for overall heroic reasons, his Dark Deku form was only hurting him and those closest to him while he sported the look. 

Even though the continuation of Dark Deku isn’t in Izuku or his friends’ best interests, the edgy look was an awesome change-up for the character. Now, that darker edge brought to Deku in My Hero Academia with the release of Dark Deku has been beautifully captured in this awesome cosplay. From the spot-on costume design to the added special effects that crackle with power, this cosplay truly gives off the impression that Dark Deku is a real-life vigilante ready to stop any villains that threaten the safety of the world.

Source: Tanzeem_Deku

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