First shown off at the 2021 Anime NYC event then taken to Reddit is a photo of two cosplayers dressed as My Hero Academia’s Uraraka and Bakugou as they unite in a powered-up cosplay. Anime NYC is a three-day event held in New York City where fans of anime and manga can go to celebrate their fandoms with many choosing to dress as some of their favorite characters. This year, two cosplayers chose to go as the My Hero Academia stars, both in celebration of the characters while also sending a very clear message as to their preference of the characters’ specific romantic arcs in the series. 

My Hero Academia by Kohei Horikoshi is a manga set in the modern-day with a number of people throughout the fictional world exhibiting spectacular powers known as ‘quirks’. Society has set up a system where people with quirks can train to become professional superheroes who are hired to take down supervillains. Uraraka and Bakugou are two of those people training to be heroes by honing their unique and impressive powers. 


Posted on Reddit by user SlayWithBrandy featuring two cosplayers, one of which is SlayWithBrandy and the other credited as being Kennedy_Cosplays, is a photo taken at Anime NYC depicting the two cosplayers dressed as the My Hero Academia characters. SlayWithBrandy is dressed as Uraraka and Kennedy_Cosplays is dressed as Bakugou. In the Reddit post, the user included text that reads, “Uraraka & Bakugou at Anime NYC! Yes we ship them, be mad.” As made clear in the post, the My Hero Academia cosplayers want Uraraka and Bakugou to have a romantic relationship in the series, an idea that is by no means new to the My Hero Academia fandom. 

The name of the ship for Uraraka and Bakugou is ‘Kacchako’, meaning fans of the series want so much for the two to get together, they came up with a name for it. Kacchako is more than just a name of the ship, however, it is also a collection of examples as to why the two My Hero Academia characters belong together. From a moment on the bus involving playful banter to a training session they shared, fans of the Kacchako ship have pulled a number of reasons why My Hero Academia should establish Uraraka and Bakugou as a couple immediately. 

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The cosplayers are the most recent fans to express their longing for a relationship between Uraraka and Bakugou with spectacular cosplay to really drive the point home. From the detailed work in the costume to the power poses both cosplayers are displaying, Uraraka and Bakugou were truly brought to life at Anime NYC and immortalized in the popular Reddit post. Uraraka and Bakugou unite in a powered-up cosplay that is both an awesome depiction of the My Hero Academia characters while also sending a very clear message pushing the idea of Kacchako.

Source: Reddit

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