Though the two are very different, both Thor and Naruto are incredibly powerful blonde-haired leaders, naturally leading to the question of who would win in a fight. Thor is the Norse God of Thunder and wielder of Mjolnir, an enchanted hammer he uses to defend his beloved Midgard from all enemies. Naruto is one of the most powerful ninja of his era, growing up with the awesome power of a monstrous Nine-Tailed Fox inside him. Were Thor and Naruto to face each other, who would win? Would Naruto best the “Strongest Avenger” or would Thor overwhelm the Seventh Hokage with heavenly might?

Thor is a prince of the golden realm of Asgard sent to Midgard (Earth) by his father Odin to learn humility. After falling in love with the realm and its people, Thor proves he is worthy and claims the magic hammer Mjolnir that enhances Thor’s already prodigious Asgardian strength and invulnerability and also grants flight. Thor has battled mythical serpents and other powerful Asgardians like his brother Loki, God of Mischief. When strength isn’t enough, Thor can call down the power of thunder and lightning to strike down any foe. After recently becoming the All-Father of Asgard, his power seems to know even fewer limits. Thor even managed to kill the cosmic planet-eater, Galactus.


Naruto was born into the ninja life on the day he was born. A gigantic, Nine-Tailed Fox destroyed his village, killing his father, The Fourth Hokage. It took years of training and a litany of amazing mentors to make peace with the monster inside of him and harness its power for good. As a ninja, Naruto has mastered several unique abilities like conjuring armies of shadow clones. Some of his strongest abilities include explosive wind-based attacks and the ability to summon skyscraper-sized toads. He can also access more powerful modes by cloaking himself in the Nine-Tails Chakra and natural Sage Energy to increases his strength, speed, stamina, healing, and the power of his other abilities to superhuman levels. These abilities allowed Naruto to unite the entire ninja world and bring home his childhood rival, Sasuke.

In a fight, Naruto’s chakra offers great versatility, but as the God of Thunder, Thor is likely impossible to hurt with Naruto’s mostly wind-based attacks. Even when boosted by Sage Mode and Nine-Tales chakra, Naruto would be pushing himself while Thor would be swatting at a gnat. Armies of weaker ninja would make no difference even using every ninja misdirection trick in the book. Naruto’s only hope would be unleashing his own strongest powers like the mountain-splitting Tailed Beast Balls. Unfortunately, this is nothing the Thunder God hasn’t seen before in thousands of years of life. Thor has battled the fire demon Surtur and the frost giants of Jotunheim. He’s encountered similar misdirections from the shamanistic magics of Malekith the Accursed and his own brother, Loki. Thor has even recently managed to beat back the uncanny symbiote-powered, nonbelieving power of Gorr the God-Butcher. Thor has faced down world enders and lived not only to tell the tales but to do it again.

Naruto is the greatest ninja of his era, but his true power is not in techniques and ninjutsu. It is Naruto’s ability to inspire others throughout the ninja world. Unfortunately, without the help of his friends, Naruto would stand no chance against Marvel’s mightiest. Even Naruto, The Seventh Hokage, would buckle under the hammer of The Mighty Thor.

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