The close relationships that the members of the loft have in New Girl are so beautiful. It is ultimately the reason why so many people became fans of the series, as this lovable group not only has a lot of fun together, but they also offer each other a lot of emotional support, too. Of course, they experience a ton of conflict in the process, but this is what also makes them easy to relate to. At the end of the day, this a show that is easy to binge, repeatedly.

However, even so, there are side friendships in the series that are somewhat elite and the one downside about this is that they just aren’t showcased enough. These characters deserved way more time with the group, as they mesh well with them and/or create great comedy in the process.

10 Schmidt & Robby

When it comes to his friends, Schmidt is, of course, closest with Nick. However, he also has quite the underrated friendship with the lovable side character, Robby. It is intriguing, though, as they originally fight over Cece.

Yet, when these two engage with one another, it is not only funny but also shows that they connect well. This is especially the case when they run into each other both spying on Cece. They even hug one another when they learn that they are both not over her.

9 Nick & Bearclaw

Nick and Bearclaw meet when the former thinks that Jess wants the latter’s phone number. However, this is not the case, as she is interested in his friend. Yet, Bearclaw does not know this and is extremely excited.

However, when Bearclaw sees Jess kissing Sam, it breaks his heart, and Nick is there to console him. Nick is not normally so supportive of his friends, but he really aims to be there for Bearclaw in this moment. It would have been nice if a strong friendship came from this.


8 Jess & Sadie

At the beginning of the series, Sadie comes over to the loft fairly often, and it seems as though she is Jess’s second best friend. Even though the audience enjoys her humorous character, she essentially disappears as the series progresses.

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In fact, Jess does not even invite Sadie to her wedding, which shows just how much they drift apart. Yet, in the moments where Sadie is around, it is apparent that she and Jess connect immensely. It could have been wonderful for the series to explore this more.

7 Winston & Coach

Winston and Coach seem to have a very close friendship, even though they bicker at times. However, when these two spend time with one another, it provides some of the funniest moments from the entire series.

A great example of this is when Winston and Coach get weirdly competitive over baking a cake for Jess’s birthday party. This leads to the pair sharing the kitchen and arguing the entire time. And they really show how much they care for each other when Coach leaves and takes the crepe pan.

6 Jess & Reagan

Although the pair both have feelings for Nick, it is clear that Jess and Reagan do bond, at times, during the series. This is especially the case when Jess selflessly persuades Reagan to pursue a relationship with Nick.

They even go out together one night and have a spectacular time in the process. If Reagan’s purpose on the show wasn’t primarily to be Nick’s new love interest, these two likely would have become far closer.

5 Nick & Tran

Nick and Tran have wonderful moments in the series, but they just do not occur enough. When they first meet, Nick is actually quite rude to Tran. However, the pair end up spending time together at the park on multiple occasions.

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At one point, Nick even calls Tran his magical best friend, so realistically, he should have been around way more. Tran also just provides fantastic comedy with his facial expressions and mannerisms, too.

4 Cece & Nadia

Many fans consider Nadia to be one of the best side characters of the entire series. This is a fair argument to make, as she is nothing short of hysterical. As Cece’s roommate, the pair do get along, but their friendship is not displayed nearly enough.

Nadia does attend events like Cece’s birthday party and even wedding, but she is not at the loft that often. Seeing as how the two are both models and relate on that front, it would have been great for Cece to spend more time with her.

3 Winston & Dunston

When Winston no longer wants to be partners with Aly because of his feelings for her, he begins working with Dunston. The pair have instant chemistry, as they both bond over the song, “Elation.” They famously even sing it together in the bar with, well, great elation.

When they work together, they certainly struggle to see eye to eye, but that, in turn, makes for some wacky comedy. Once Winston and Aly end up becoming partners again, Dunston does not appear much in the show, and it’s a shame, as Dunston and Winston bonded so well outside of work.

2 Nick & Bob

The relationship between Nick and Bob sometimes even blossoms into a friendship. This is especially the case when Bob visits the loft when Nick and Jess begin dating. However, at this point, the pair decide to keep it a secret from Bob, as Jess knows that he will be mad.

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When Nick tells Bob about Jess but disguises her as Yolanda Winston, the pair truly bond and Bob even says that he is a great person. The two have strikingly similar personalities, too, so it would have been nice for the series to explore this more. However, things on the friendship front between Nick and Bob change when he finds out about them dating.

1 Aly, Jess & Cece

It is so refreshing when Aly and Winston finally date, as they are truly the perfect match. However, even when things become very serious between them, she is just not around the group enough. This is especially the case when it comes to Jess and Cece.

They get along extremely well when she is around, though, and even share some great moments with each other. The best example of this is when they are put in mall jail together and break out. The three run around the mall when they escape and this is where Jess spills the beans about Winston having a crush on her. This wasn’t only funny, but also a significant moment in the series.

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