Every fan of the comedy series, New Girl, knows that one of the funniest characters on this iconic show was definitely Schmidt. This character was incredibly complex, and his opinions, jokes, and hilarious commentary made the show incredibly enjoyable.

This character was known for his funny banter with his roommates, as well as his love story with Cece, which eventually ended in the most romantic way. Schmidt was such a wonderful character who is deeply missed by fans since the series ended. But thankfully, there are memes to cheer fans up.

10 Bees Are Dying

Some of the funniest moments from New Girl stemmed from times that Schmidt gave a speech about his opinion on certain matters. This hilarious meme showcases one of those times perfectly and is definitely relatable.

Schmidt’s commentary on the state of the world during the time this episode aired was definitely laughable, as he pointed out the “hardships” of the modern world. This meme represents Schmidt’s amazing ability to sum up his feelings in the funniest way.

9 Youths

One of the most quoted lines from this show is definitely one of Schmidt’s, and that line is a simple word: “youths.” Schmidt used this word throughout the series when referring to people younger than him.

His preference for this word was hilarious, and this meme points that out flawlessly. This meme plays on the fact that Schmidt was often intimidated by those younger than him, which led to some pretty laughable moments!


8 The Dramatics

One of the funniest personality traits of Schmidt’s was definitely his dramatic reactions, which were usually incredibly relatable. This meme shows Schmidt gagging, which was a common reaction from this character.

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This meme points out how hilarious and relatable Schmidt’s dramatic reactions to different situations could be. The funny meme shown here is one that any fan of this iconic character will definitely enjoy!

7 His Commentary

This hilarious meme shows Schmidt’s ability to hilariously comment on his friend’s circumstances. The meme shows a time that Schmidt described his roommate and best friend, Nick Miller, in the most accurate, but unique way.

Schmidt definitely had a habit of doing this, and the words he chose to describe his friends or situations were always too amusing! His commentary and descriptions were always laughable and made Schmidt one of the fan’s favorite characters.

6 His Cardigans

Schmidt’s fashion statements were part of the charm of this character, and his love for cardigans was definitely part of that charm. Schmidt was almost always seen wearing some kind of cardigan, and his love for them was quite comical.

One ongoing joke from the joke was Nick’s opinions on Schmidt’s cardigans, which made the fact that he always wore them even funnier. This meme nods to the fact that he was obsessed with these sweaters, and any fan will find that amusing!

5 His Friendship With Winston

Schmidt’s friends were incredibly important to him, and his friendship with Winston was no exception to that. Although his friendship with Winston on this series started out as a sort of rivalry, it was soon revealed that these two characters cared about each other a lot.

This one proves that to be true, showing one of the funniest moments between these two, and shows Schmidt’s devotion to his friend in a sweet way.

4 His Friendly Advice

Schmidt was almost always offering his advice to his friends, specifically his best friend, Nick, who he always wanted to help out. Nick and Schmidt could not have been more opposite, which made the dynamic of their friendship so entertaining.

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This amusing meme plays on their differences, and jokes about a comment Schmidt made in the series by including an image of one of Jack Johnson’s other movies. This meme is one that any fan will appreciate.

3 His Pick Up Lines

This funny meme is a play on Schmidt’s habit of using a unique pick up lines. The meme shown here is in the form of a Valentine and shows one of Schmidt’s funniest quotes about his love life, which any fan will definitely find amusing.

The meme reads, “I’m like a sexual snowflake, each night with me is a unique experience.” This captures Schmidt perfectly and any fan will agree!

2 Say When

This laughable meme is one that every fan will definitely appreciate. The meme shows Schmidt in his truest form, as he was quite often asking inappropriate questions and involving himself in situations he had absolutely nothing to do with.

This meme shows that perfectly, as, during the episode shown, Schmidt asked Jess some intimate details about Nick’s body, and his interest made it all the more entertaining.

1  I’ll Fight Naked

The funny meme shown here shows Schmidt in his true form. Schmidt was definitely a fearful person, and this meme proves that to be true. He is shown here in the shower and after hearing a strange noise, decides to call out to the “intruders,” which was quite comical.

This moment was humorous, and every New Girl fan will appreciate this nod to Schmidt.

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