Schmidt was by far the wildest, most interesting, and honestly, self-serving character on New Girl. At least, at the beginning. He went above and beyond to get who and what we wanted, no matter the cost. But over time, he became incredibly likable and his many quirks went from being annoying to endearing.

Even so, he was the only loftmate to frequently donate to the “douchebag jar”, as they dubbed it. And he was the main one out of their friendship group to be a repeat offender in relationships, friendships, and even at work in making terrible decisions that only hurt those around him.

So it’s high time for us to rank those defining terrible decisions with the 10 Worst Things Schmidt Ever Did, Ranked.

10 When He Pretended To Be A Romney

Towards the beginning of the second season of New Girl, Schmidt had recently ended his relationship with Cece and was looking to meet new women. When he was mistaken for a son of the presidential hopeful at the time, Mitt Romney, he went with it.

He had zero qualms about duping these women into thinking he was someone he was definitely not. Of course, this lie of his eventually blew up in his face when a woman he was hoping to hook up with uncovered his deceit.

But the fact he was so comfortable with a lie such as this just to get women was sad, to say the least.

9 His Relationship With Jess’ Sister, Abby

Jess Day is the picture-perfect good girl, at least by all appearances. She is definitely more on the conservative side compared to her sister, Abby. Abby is the wild child of the Day clan and we first met her in season 3 of New Girl.

Schmidt soon after started dating her and carrying on a tumultuous affair, even when Jess wanted him to stay far, far away from her. For both of their sakes.

Schmidt just couldn’t help himself, though, and continued to date her until she inevitably dumped him. It was doomed from the beginning but Schmidt couldn’t bring himself to care.


8 He Didn’t Trust Nick To Plan Their Party

Schmidt and Nick Miller were more than roommates. They had been friends for a total of ten years, living together the entirety of that time, and were going to be celebrating that fact in season 2.

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But Schmidt had zero trust in Nick’s party planning abilities which only made Nick feel inferior and like Schmidt thought he was better than him.

That is a pretty terrible feeling to have and all because Schmidt, Nick’s apparent best friend, couldn’t believe in him enough. Luckily, the two sorted it out at this party, but it definitely came up again over the course of the series.

7 When He Tried To Kiss Jess

In season 1 of New Girl, Jess went all out and planned an amazing birthday party for her new friend and roommate, Schmidt. The night didn’t go completely according to plan but it was still a birthday he wasn’t soon to forget.

By the end of the night, Jess was talking to Schmidt about the things that had gone wrong during his party, as well as his very rude and annoying friend, Benjamin. She was being there for him, purely as a friend, which he misconstrued to mean she was interested in him… romantically.

He went in for a kiss which Jess immediately deflected. But it was obvious this was just another moment where Schmidt thought a little too highly of himself.

6 Breaking Up With Cece Out Of Jealousy

Schmidt had been wanting Cece, Jess’ best friend, to be his from the first moment he saw her. He typically went about wooing her in the worst ways possible. But eventually, they began seeing each other seriously.

But his own insecurities and jealousy got in the way before they could really take things to the next level. With Cece being a model and constantly being surrounded by other gorgeous people, including men, he felt there was no way they would be a successful couple, which was a bit ridiculous.

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The way he broke up with her in the season 1 finale was also highly immature and only served to further break Cece’s heart.

5 When He Slept With Nadia, Cece’s Model Friend

Nadia is a friend and roommate to Cece and we first met her in season 1. Nadia is the stereotypical vapid, selfish-yet-beautiful model-type.

So when Cece tries to act as though she doesn’t care what Schmidt does or with whom, he gets back at her by asking out Nadia. The two have a disastrous date which ends with Schmidt in the hospital with an injured very important part of his anatomy.

It may have been karma or his own foolishness that result in this injury, but regardless, he should have known that it would hurt Cece to date her friend, even if she acted as if it wouldn’t.

4 Trying To Break Nick And Jess Up

After Schmidt made mistake after mistake in his own relationships with both Elizabeth and Cece, he decided to take his anger and regret out on two of his closest friends: Nick and Jess.

He made it his life’s mission to end their new relationship at the start of season 3. It was not only immature but also incredibly disconcerting that he would do that to Nick, who had been wanting to be with Jess for a long time and finally was.

Luckily for them, his evil plan didn’t come to fruition, but it was still enough to put temporary strain on what should have been a new and exciting relationship.

3 Sleeping With Multiple Bosses

Over the course of the series, Schmidt had many liaisons with different women. Some were more serious than others, of course, but there were also some that maybe shouldn’t have ever happened in the first place.

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Yes, we’re referring to his affairs with his bosses. Schmidt worked in a predominantly female environment which also meant he had female superiors.

But constantly getting involved with said superiors only made him seem like he had no real integrity in his work and like the most important thing to him was his next conquest. Even if that conquest was his boss.

2 Sabotaging Cece’s Wedding

We can all agree that Cece should not have ended up with Shivrang, sure. He was entirely not her type and she was only with him to appease her mother, so surely the marriage would have eventually ended in disaster, regardless.

But the fact that instead of talking to Cece about his concerns for her, or the fact he’s still in love with her, before the ceremony, he decided to sabotage her wedding was honestly one of the worst things Schmidt had ever done to her.

If she had decided to go through with it, this would have been a tarnished day for her for the rest of her life. There were certainly better ways to go about things.

1 When He Cheated On Elizabeth And Cece

Towards the end of season 2, while Schmidt and Cece were apart, Schmidt started seeing a woman he had dated in college again named Elizabeth. They were becoming serious around the time of Cece’s wedding, but when Cece called it off in hopes of being with Schmidt, it made everything that much more complicated.

Instead of handling this in a mature and classy way, Schmidt decided to secretly keep seeing them both behind the other’s back. This meant he was cheating on both of them…with each other. It was incredibly shady and made Schmidt’s character dislikable. It was very tough to come back from that and get to a point where we actually liked Schmidt again.

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