New art of Nightwing and Batgirl has been revealed by artist Jacob Edgar, sure to please those who want Dick Grayson’s eternal love triangle with Barbara Gordon and Starfire, aka Koriand’r, to settle in favor of the Gotham vigilante over his Teen Titans partner.

The first Robin – created by Bill Finger, Bob Kane, and Jerry Robinson – Dick Grayson has grown to become a hero in his own right as Nightwing, and is one of the most beloved of DC’s vigilantes, both by comic fans and his fellow crime-fighters. While Dick grew up in Gotham as the Dark Knight’s sidekick, he later split from Bruce Wayne to forge his own identity, forming multiple teams, including the Teen Titans. Having joined different teams and made new allies as he’s grown, fans tend to disagree which of Dick’s longtime love interests is the true love of his life, but Edgar’s art definitely scores a point for Team Batgirl.


A comic book artist who has worked for DC Comics, Dark Horse, IDW Publishing, Dynamite Entertainment, and on independent projects, Edgar also creates and sells black & white and color prints of major figures from comics. While much of this work is action-oriented, the latest Nightwing and Batgirl artwork captures a casual moment in which the two have taken a break from fighting crime on the mean streets of Gotham to hang out as a couple, as shared on Jacob Edgar’s Twitter account.

At times, Dick has been in committed relationships with both Batgirl and Starfire, and has commented that he expects to always love both women. In the current comics, Nightwing is back as a staff member of the Roy Harper Academy, aka Teen Titans Academy, and in a relationship with Starfire (the Academy’s headmistress) once again, the two having worked through the issues that led them to split. But while that romance is in full swing in Teen Titans Academy, Dick is growing closer to Barbara Gordon – Gotham’s Oracle and sometime Batgirl – in his own acclaimed Nightwing series, which has seen him inherit a fortune from Bat-Family butler Alfred Pennyworth, beginning an ambitious plan to benefit his adopted city of Blüdhaven.

DC’s Future State – which jumped forward into the possible future at the start of 2021 – suggested Dick will date both women again, and the current comics have come close to suggesting that he may be uncharacteristically close to betraying Starfire’s trust with Barbara Gordon. While Dick’s love of Batgirl and Starfire has often been written as a proxy for his sense of duty as a Gotham hero versus his independent life as a Titan, all three are separate heroes with their own stories, adventures, and love interests, making for one of the messiest and most compelling love triangles in mainstream comics.

For those who feel that Nightwing and Batgirl are a natural fit, Jacob Edgar‘s comfortable, affectionate depiction of their relationship will be another reason to wish Dick and Barbara would get together once again, while for those who want to see him end up with Starfire, it’s likely to be taken as an admittedly sweet moment from Dick’s romantic past that should nevertheless stay in the past.

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