One of the items players can get in No Man’s Sky is a curiosity called a Larval Core, gained by destroying Whispering Eggs. Players should be careful doing this, however, because destroying the egg unleashes a horde of powerful Biological Horrors. If players are unprepared for combat, it can quickly spell their demise. Nevertheless, Larval Cores are incredibly useful in crafting and when sold to earn more units in No Man’s Sky. Sooner or later, players may want to risk getting their hands on one or more.

Whispering Eggs are found at Abandoned Buildings in No Man’s Sky. They are planetary points of interest and can be found through system scans. They look like most other planetary shelters, but with a strange substance growing inside, and Whispering Eggs around the building. Dead or infested worlds also have Whispering Eggs.


It might seem like an incredibly bad idea to disturb the eggs, but it is the only way to get Larval Cores. Upon the destruction of a Whispering Egg, a Larval Core is dropped, and it needs to be picked up within a few seconds, or else it will disappear. However, as soon as the Whispering Egg is destroyed, multiple Biological Horrors appear nearby. They can ram the player, dealing incredible amounts of damage and launching the player great distances. They also have a spitting attack. With preparation, players can make the fight against these Biological Horrors easier, or even avoid it entirely.

Fight Biological Horrors for Whispering Eggs in No Man’s Sky

In No Man’s Sky, if one Biological Horror is killed, another one will spawn, which makes fighting these creatures all but impossible. Instead, the best option is to run. They will stop pursuit after a while and won’t attack if players enter an Exocraft.

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There are also alternatives to fighting Biological Horrors. First, players can build walls around the eggs after they’ve claimed the area as a base. The Biological Horrors will spawn outside the walls when players destroy the Whispering Eggs. Next, players can use the Terrain Manipulator to dig holes under the eggs and shoot them from inside the hole.

Larval Cores are combined with 10 Silver to craft a Sample Containment, which is used in base-building in No Man’s Sky. It is also used in a variety of cooking recipes, such as the Parasitic Omelette, Monstrous Custard, or Wailing Batter. If that doesn’t sound appetizing, players can also sell Larval Cores. On their own, Larval Cores have a value of 69,875 units. If made into a cooking recipe, it will be worth even more, though the price is dependent on the local economy. If the economy is weak, players can try traveling to another system to sell it there.

No Man’s Sky is available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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