Will there be an Old 2? M. Night Shyamalan’s intense supernatural thriller Old debuted on July 23, 2021. Inspired by the graphic novel Sandcastle by Pierre Oscar Lévy and Frederik Peeters, Shyamalan’s Old centers on a family vacation gone wrong, set on a secluded beach where mysterious circumstances trap its visitors and cause them to age rapidly over the course of a single day.

Starring Gael García Bernal and Vicky Krieps as married couple Guy and Prisca, with their children Trent and Maddox played by Alex Wolff and Thomasin McKenzie, Old has largely been received as one of Shyamalan’s more unique works, as an intriguing movie with existential themes surrounding aging and mortality. Old is neither overly violent nor scary, but it is suspenseful.


If Old scores big at the box office, Universal Pictures may seek to continue the movie’s story in a second installment. One of Shyamalan’s most well-known works is his Eastrail 177 Trilogy comprising UnbreakableSplit and Glass, so there is a precedent of the director doing sequels from his original stories. However, Old 2 hasn’t been announced, and considering that Old received mixed critical reviews, the prospects for a sequel don’t look encouraging.

Will M. Night Shyamalan Make Old 2?

If Old 2 does get greenlit, it will have to wait. The popular filmmaker’s upcoming slate includes Labor of Love, which stars Bruce Willis and could be the unnamed Shyamalan movie set for release on Feb. 17, 2023, based on a two-picture deal the director signed with Universal in October 2019. When prompted on the possibility of an Old sequel in an interview with io9, the director responded “honestly, I’m not a big sequel guy,” suggesting Old 2 is unlikely to get made.

Old 2 Release Date

Since Old 2 is not confirmed, no release date has been determined. Due to Shyamalan’s aforementioned project, a follow-up would be at least several years away. It is not plausible that Shyamalan’s work would be taken up by anyone but the two-time Oscar nominee himself, so don’t expect Old 2 to come in the near future.

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Old 2 Story Details

The ending of Old reveals that the time beach was used by a pharmaceutical company to study the effects of new medicines on people like Krieps’s Prisca and Bernal’s Guy, who all had existing health conditions like cancer or epilepsy. Old 2 could either serve as a prequel further detailing the resort’s founding, or it may take place after the events of the first film in a continuation of the movie’s unsettling events with different characters. Old concludes with the rescue of the remaining tourists and the confirmation of the experiment’s end, thus, making it challenging for Old 2 to carry the same mystery and suspense.

Old 2 Cast

If Old 2 becomes a reality, it will likely feature a brand new cast. Adult Trent (Emun Elliott) and Maddox’s (Embeth Davidtz) late-game coral diving may have spared them from their impending fate, but all of the main characters have met their demise. Accordingly, a sequel with different characters seems the most plausible, as the original film’s characters have already served their purpose in Shyamalan’s twisted world.

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