Netflix’s Outlaw King made a splash at the movie’s Toronto International Film Festival 2018 premiere when it was revealed star Chris Pine has a full-frontal nude scene – here’s when exactly the scene is in the film. Directed by David Mackenzie (Hell or High Water), the movie stars Pine as Robert the Bruce, a Scottish lord who becomes king and launches a rebellion against the English occupation of Scotland. To do so, he unites the clans of Scotland and uses guerrilla tactics in order to keep the larger, more formidable English army at bay.

Outlaw King debuted at TIFF earlier this year to middling reviews. Netflix has since cut 20 minutes from the film, presumably in an effort to help it appeal to a wider audience. However, the bigger story surrounding Outlaw King coming out of TIFF were the reactions from those in the screening to Pine’s nude scene. The inclusion of the scene was widely talked about on social media sites like Twitter, where viewers first shared their reactions to Outlaw King. Since then, Pine’s nude scene has become one of the bigger talking points concerning Outlaw King.


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As such, movie viewers may be interested to know when exactly Pine’s nude scene appears in Netflix’s Outlaw King. While the actor technically has two nude scenes – one of his backside appears earlier in the film during a scene with Florence Pugh, who plays Robert’s wife and queen Elizabeth de Burgh – Pine’s full-frontal nudity scene in Outlaw King is at the 1:27:51 mark.

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And for those wondering what exactly the nude scene entails (mild spoilers ahead), it’s a very brief shot of Pine’s Robert the Bruce exiting some water in which he was bathing. He and his compatriots are discussing their plans to take on the English army as Robert gets out of the water and is momentarily naked. Given the amount of hype for this scene created by the reactions out of TIFF, it may not be what many viewers are expecting. The moment of nudity in the scene itself can almost be categorized as blink-and-you’ll-miss-it. So, it’s perhaps not worth watching the entirety of Outlaw King if you’re only interested in this one scene featuring Pine.

That said, Pine’s full-frontal nude scene is another step toward equal representation in Hollywood in terms of depicting naked bodies. It’s extremely rare for full-frontal male nudity to appear in film or on television, and much more common for full-frontal female nudity to be depicted. In that vein, Outlaw King does also feature female nudity. But the fact that Pine having a full-frontal scene became a news story while the nudity of female extras or supporting stars goes to show how rare it is to see men bare it all in movies or on TV.

And now that Outlaw King is officially available on Netflix, those interested in checking it out – or simply watching the one scene everyone’s talking about – can see it for themselves.

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