As previously planned, developer Gearbox Software has shut down Battleborn’s servers, effectively making the hero shooter no longer playable. Gearbox announced plans to kill Battleborn late last year, giving players plenty of time to jump into the battle arena once more. The online shooter hit the ground with a thud in May of 2016, unluckily launching just three weeks ahead of Blizzard Entertainment’s game-changing Overwatch.

Competition between the two tiles wasn’t stiff in the slightest, despite Gearbox’s pedigree of crafting inventive first-person shooter experiences. In many respects, Battleborn seemed a hodgepodge of the studio’s more beloved projects. Borderlands‘ randomized weapon shctick informed some of Battleborn’s mechanics, for example, as did elements that were initially built for the cancelled Brothers in Arms: Furious 4. Gearbox’s attempt at a hero shooter garnered none of the praise afforded to the two aforementioned franchises, though. Battleborn additionally failed to maintain a steady player-base, even after adopting the free-to-play model that’s continuously grown in popularity.


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Gearbox Software and publisher 2K Games officially pulled the plug on Battleborn’s servers last night. As such, the title is no longer playable in any capacity. Though it boasted a story campaign, complete with nine episodes, the game’s always-online nature means they, too, are no longer accessible. An in-game farewell message (via PC Gamer) greets players with the following note from Gearbox: “Heroes! It’s been a hell of a ride, but all fights must end. The campaign and multiplayer are no longer available as the Battleborn servers are offline. Thank you for playing.”

What’s next for the Texas-based crew remains to be seen. Given Borderlands‘ successful return to form a few years ago, a fourth mainline entry doesn’t seem beyond the realm of possibility. Longtime fans are still holding out hope for a Brothers in Arms revival, too. As of now, though, all anyone can do is wait and see what the team cooks up next.

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Source: PC Gamer

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