Shiny Shieldon has recently made its Pokemon Go debut. This guide will show players how they can find and capture this Shiny Pokemon. Currently, Pokemon Go is hosting its Ultra Unlock event. As part of Go Fest, players were tasked with completing a new Global Challenge every hour. If the community was able to complete all 24, they were able to unlock new Shiny Pokemon and events in the future. Since the Pokemon Go community completed this challenge without any hassle, players were given the opportunity to capture Shiny Cranidos and Shiny Shieldon for the very first time. Shiny Shieldon is part of the first batch of Ultra Unlock content centered around time. This guide will show players how they can increase their chances of finding it.


With Shiny Pokemon, there is no guarantee that players will be able to find one while they play the game. There are a few ways for players to increase their chances but ultimately, it is luck-based if a Shiny Shieldon will make an appearance. During the Ultra Unlock Part 1: Time event, players are able to find Shieldon in a variety of ways. This event comes to a close on August 3rd, making it much easier to encounter this Pokemon at all. Here are all the ways players can increase their chances of finding Shiny Shieldon in Pokemon Go.

How To Find (& Catch) Shiny Shieldon in Pokemon Go

Shieldon will have its spawn rate increased from July 23rd to August 3rd. Here are all the different ways players can encounter its Shiny form.

  • In The Wild: Shieldon has an increased spawn rate during this time period. Players can just find them by playing the game normally. Although, they can also use an Incense or a Lure Module to increase the total spawn rate of all Pokemon for a limited time.
  • Raid Battles: Shieldon will appear in 1-star raid battles. Typically, players have better luck finding Shiny Pokemon if they are defeated in raid battles. Since this is a 1-star raid, players should be able to complete them on their own.
  • Eggs: Shiny Shieldon has the chance to hatch in 7km eggs. Make sure to use as many Incubators as possible to increase its chances of making an appearance.

Overall, Shiny Hunting is difficult but it is a valuable part of the game. Players search far and wide for every Shiny Pokemon out there. Follow these steps and hopefully, the odds will be in the player’s favor.

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Pokemon Go is available now on iOS and Android.

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