A new Weekend Park Spotlight for the Grass/Fairy-type Pokémon Cottonee is now live in Pokémon GO, offering boosted Shiny chances and higher spawn rates in parks. Unlike Spotlight Hours, which feature a higher spawn rate for a specific Pokémon for a single hour, the Weekend Park Spotlight extends the timeframe, but only in certain locations. This boost helps incentive players to get outside, meet up with friends, and hunt a desired Pokémon species in the warming weather.

Currently, players are participating in Pokémon GO‘s Lush Jungle event, which features numerous Grass-type Pokémon, and the debut of Fomantis, Lurantis, and Legendary Pokémon Tapu Lele. The event, which is running from March 22 through March 29, 2022, also offers players the Season of Alola Special Research: Akala Island, providing a new round of tasks for players to complete as they participate in higher spawn rates of certain Pokémon Species. Additionally, the event coincides with the return of Mega Charizard Y in Mega Raids, giving players plenty of challenging Raid Battles to jump in on.


According to the Lush Jungle event page on PokémonGoLive, the Cottonee Weekend Park Spotlight in Pokémon GO will be active from 10 AM March 26, 2022, to 8 PM March 27, 2022, local time. During the event, Cottonee will spawn at a higher frequency in local parks, with a heightened chance for players to encounter a Shiny. The boosted Shiny odds are exciting, as Cottonee, and its evolution Whimsicott, have beautiful Shiny variations. Cottonee’s leafy-green color scheme is traded out for rich gold accents, while Whimsicott’s green horns are a bright blue. Both make a great addition to any Shiny collection, as well as a good type mix for competitive play.

While Community Day events offer players Special Research Stories, which can be bought via tickets in the Pokémon GO in-game store, the Weekend Park Spotlight does not offer any extra research tasks for players to complete. For many, this may feel like a missed opportunity, especially as it could provide an incentive to go out to parks and catch the featured Pokémon. However, for those still working on the Masterwork Research from the Pokémon Tour: Johto event, or anyone trying to finish up the Akala Island tasks, this could be a great opportunity to complete missing objectives.

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For those ready for new challenges, the recent April content update for Pokémon GO has revealed numerous smaller events happening alongside the Seasons of Alola challenges. Players will be able to engage in an April Fool’s event on April 1, 2022, and there will be a “Spring into Spring” event later in the month. Additionally, the April content update teased a surprise Mega Raid, which could indicate that a new Mega form could be debuted. Hopefully, the number of announced events, challenges, and surprises coming in Pokémon GO will encourage fans to head out and enjoy the nice weather while catching new companions for their teams.

Source: PokémonGoLive

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