Theodore Bagwell was somehow able to be both the most despicable and hateable character in all of Prison Break, while remaining the best part of the whole show, even in its slightly lackluster later seasons. A combination of twisted evil and psychopathic genius, the character was able to commit senseless murder while sounding like an encyclopedia.

This was all pushed forward by the exceptional acting ability of Robert Knepper, who made his character into a cultural icon. We’ve ranked then ten worst things the murderer ever did.

10 Kept Susan And Her Family Hostage

As we knew from his season one backstory, Theodore Bagwell was once in love with a lady called Susan and lived with her and her children for a while. In fact, she seemed to be the only person he truly cared about. After escaping from prison, she explained that she didn’t love him and couldn’t be with him, so he kidnapped her. Obviously, kidnapping the woman you love is not cool, but the reason this only makes it to number ten on our list is that she was the only person he couldn’t kill. He eventually left and allowed her to escape captivity.

9 Pretended To Be Cole Pfeiffer

Season four is when Prison Break started to go a little downhill in terms of quality. It had progressed from a dramatic and intense show about prison life and escape into a strange, global conspiracy thriller that only seemed to get more extreme by the day.

T-Bag began season four by pretending to be an incredibly talented salesman called Cole Pfeiffer. One of his more innocuous schemes, honestly. That is until he took the secretary hostage and ends up holding Mahone, Michael and Bellick at gunpoint in what was once his office.


8 Forced The Group To Let Him Escape With Them

During the incredibly exciting escape from Fox River during season 1, the group obviously didn’t want to include T-Bag. They all, understandably, hated him and everything he stood for. However, T-Bag knew too much (specifically about the hole in Michael’s wall) and was able to convince them to let him in. This delayed things made things much more complicated and pretty much indirectly led to death and suffering.

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7 Betrayed Michael (Frequently)

One of T-Bag’s special skills way betrayal. There were so many situations in which the group finally trusted him, and then he’d spin it on its head and throw it back in their faces. One of the worst examples of this came during Prison Break: The Final Break.

He is part of a third orchestrated break out and decides to snitch to the FBI about Michael’s plan. However, he finally gets his comeuppance: Michael knew he couldn’t be trusted, so made sure the situation was set up to backfire onto T-Bag, leading him to life imprisonment once more.

6 Was A White Supremacist

The philosophy T-Bag followed also maintained into his prison life. He was a known member of the Allice For Purity before his time in prison; they were a white supremacist group. From his actions and manner, it isn’t totally surprising that he also adopts this world view. When in prison, he maintained his ancient viewpoints and took a strong pro-white stance during race riots. He may have mellowed slightly by the end of the show, but still took a harsh view on the likes of C-Note.

5 Kept Human Pets

This was a facet of his personality that was unable to maintain after prison, but during his time in Fox River, T-Bag was known for keeping creepy, submissive human pets who held onto the inside of his pockets. They were all timid and looked absolutely terrified pretty much all the time, and who knows what went on behind closed doors… T-Bag tried to recruit Michael as one of his pets, but he resisted. In fact, when one of them was stabbed during the riot, T-Bag was angry enough to pursue Michael, suspecting him of carrying out the deed.

4 Slashed John Abruzzi’s Throat

There were times when T-Bag was able to very temporarily turn his personality around and convince those around him that he was a scared, stuttering wreck. This worked on John Abruzzi, who, despite being a hard-headed mobster, had a kind heart underneath.

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T-Bag’s evil came out as soon as Abruzzi’s compassion was shown, and he sliced Abruzzi’s throat cleanly down the centre. This should have killed him, and we all thought it did, but somehow, Abruzzi was able to pull himself through critical care.

3 Kills His Way In Lechero’s Crew

The dangerous Sona prison was a very difficult place to be captive. The prison was so out of control that it was now run by an inmate called Lechero and his subordinates; the guards could only watch from outside and deliver food and water on occasion.

T-Bag managed to find a position of slight power, before killing the drug smuggler (Nieves), making it look like an overdose, and taking over his powerful, second-in-command position.

2 Killed The Vet

Upon his escape from Fox River, T-Bag got his comeuppance, directly from John Abruzzi. His hand was chopped clean off with an axe, and although it’s hard to watch, finally seeing T-Bag suffer is weirdly satisfying. However, on his mission to reattach his hand, T-Bag encountered Dr Marvin Gudat. He firstly terrifies the vet, then forces him to carry out the necessary surgery, all while promising to keep him alive as long as he does as he is asked. After all that, he kills him with a lethal injection, steals his clothes and car and leaves his body alone. This is a particularly brutal one because he seemed so nice.

1 Was A Serial Killer

T-Bag was always a bit of a rough guy. Sure, he had a bit of a crazy childhood which led him down a terrible path, but it’s no excuse for the horrific crimes he committed to end up in prison, while he was in prison, and after prison.

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Before any of the things listed above happened, he sentenced to life in prison for his prolific paedophilia, rape, kidnapping and murder. His tally was just six before prison, but think how many people he ended up harming by the end of the show.

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