Tech is equipment in Rainbow Six Extraction that every Rainbow Six Operator can equip in their loadout during mission preparation. Tech in Rainbow Six Extraction is split into two types, Explosives, and Gear. Explosives are devices that can physically damage or impair Archaeans’ enemies in Rainbow Six Extraction. Gear includes devices that increase player survivability, are used for reconnaissance, or help players carry more inventory.

Tech in Rainbow Six Extraction is split into two separate tab sections in the main menu: Progression and Tech. To unlock Tech, players will need to start earning React Tokens. React Tokens can be earned in the Progression Section, which serves as the game’s battle pass, also called a completion pass.


As players earn experience points in Rainbow Six Extraction, they will add progress to the battle pass experience bar in the Progression Section of the main menu. Once they collect enough experience points, players will unlock a reward tier in the battle pass. Each tier offers different items or React Tokens, which can be spent to purchase new Tech Items in the Tech Section of the main menu.

How to Climb Tech Tiers in Rainbow Six Extraction

To unlock new Tech Items in Rainbow Six Extraction, players will need to reach higher Tech Tier Levels, then purchase the new Tech Items using React Tokens. Unlike React Tokens, Tech Tier Levels correspond to specific sections of the Rainbow Six Extraction battle pass. Here are all the Tech Tier Levels and how far players will need to progress in order to unlock all of them.

  • Tech Level 1: Progression Tier 1
  • Tech Level 2: Progression Tier 6
  • Tech Level 3: Progression Tier 12
  • Tech Level 4: Progression Tier 18
  • Tech Level 5: Progression Tier 25
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Each Tech Tier Level offers unique Gear and Explosives. As players unlock new Tech Tier Levels, their arsenal of equipment gets larger, making it easier to complete tougher missions in the Rainbow Six Extraction campaign.

Below, players can find a list of the different types of Gear and Explosives they unlock with each Tech Level they reach:

  • Tier 1 Explosives: Impact Grenade, and Scan Mine.
  • Tier 1 Gear: Body Armor, and Revive Kit.
  • Tier 2 Explosives: Claymore, Stun Grenade, and Glue Grenade.
  • Tier 2 Gear: Ammo Satchel.
  • Tier 3 Explosives: Fragmentation Grenade, Field Wall, and Scan Grenade.
  • Tier 3 Gear: Explosive Harness and XR Recon Drone, which is similar to the Rainbow Six Siege Shock Drone.
  • Tier 4 Explosives: Nitro Cell, Paralysis Grenade, Arc Mine, and Recon Vapor Device.
  • Tier 4 Gear: Anabolic Accelerant.
  • Tier 5 Gear: React Laser.

Rainbow Six Extraction is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Google Stadia, Amazon Luna, and PC.

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