Developer Rockstar Games has released the latest content update for Red Dead Online, which adds a new Call to Arms mode, contracts, and season pass. The Red Dead Redemption 2 multiplayer complement just received its last major update in July’s Blood Money. However, the last patch didn’t sit well with players who accused it of introducing little in the way of fresh content. According to its critics, the potential of Red Dead Online‘s Opportunities missions was squandered by their brief duration and shallow nature.

Blood Money wasn’t the first time Rockstar disappointed at least some of the Red Dead Online community, with players often complaining about the quality of new updates or the lack of new things to do in the game altogether. That disappointment is compounded by the fact that GTA Online was more frequently and substantially updated than Red DeadOnline for a long period of time.


In a new blog post, Rockstar Games announced the release of another Red Dead Online‘s update going live Tuesday, introducing the new Call to Arms game mode, Cornwall Contract, and Quick Draw Club No. 2 season pass. Rockstar has also made Red Dead Redemption protagonist John Marston’s Clelland Outfit available for players to purchase alongside the Rafferty Eyepatch, the latter of which was previously available only in an older season pass. Players can also get a free ability card, gun oil, in-game cash, and other bonuses for logging or completing simple tasks, such as speaking to all four of Blood Money’s mission-givers.

The Call to Arms game mode is easily the biggest addition in Red Dead Online‘s new update. The horde/survival mode pits a team of up to four players against up to 10 waves of incoming enemies. At launch, Call to Arms features five maps for players to choose from, including Blackwater, Fort Mercer, Valentine, Strawberry, and MacFarlane’s Ranch. So far, Rockstar hasn’t mentioned if it plans to add more maps to that rotation in the future, and it would likely depend on the mode’s popularity. Call to Arms players must position their AI-controlled allies around the map in order to optimize their defenses, making it somewhat like a tower defense game. Based on how many waves they’re able to repel, players are then rewarded with Red Dead Online cash, gold, and experience.

Perhaps the new Call to Arms game mode will be the multiplayer game’s saving grace in the community’s eyes after Blood Money underwhelmed. Despite being based on relatively old game mechanics, horde or survival modes like it remain quite popular in a few other modern titles. Adding tower defense-like elements to its core mechanics, Red Dead Online’s new mode could give players something to do in-game if it has high replayability and dishes out rewards at a meaningful rate.

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Red Dead Online is available for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia.

Source: Rockstar Games

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