The Reddit platform allows people to share their thoughts and musings, and a broadcasting service can help to elevate the experience. Personal streaming options have helped launch careers and change the digital landscape over time, with individuals now equipped with the tools and the outlets to produce quality shows.

Streaming services, such as Twitch and YouTube, have dominated the internet when it comes to people broadcasting themselves playing games, performing, or otherwise interacting with the world. Meanwhile, Reddit has labeled itself as the “Front Page of the Internet” where people can create accounts and follow internal forums, known as subreddits. These subreddits are subject to their own rules and guidelines, although the overall platform also adds its own moderation level.


One of these subreddits, the Reddit Public Access Network, also known as RPAN, offers streaming, although not everyone can participate in these streams. In fact, Reddit designates Wednesday’s as streaming days where almost anyone can broadcast, albeit between 1 AM and 5 PM Pacific Time. However, associated subreddits, with topics that include fashion, talent and cooking, can stream 24/7.

Reddit’s Strict Streaming Guidelines

Unlike rival services, Reddit limits most streams to 45 minutes, although people can broadcast as much as they want. On that note, not everyone is capable of going on-air, because accounts must be at least fourteen days old and have a minimum of 250 karma. The system is best for mobile devices, and Redditors who qualify can choose their broadcast’s related subreddit to initiate their stream. Furthermore, broadcasting requires users to agree to keeping content clean and avoiding hoax promotion. While on-air, broadcasters have a few options to interact with the stream, in addition to seeing the metrics. Basically, users can change the camera angle, see their chat or even mute their mic. Concluding a stream is rather simple, and stats explain how long the stream was on-air, how many unique watchers there were, how many upvotes the broadcast received, and how many downvotes a stream obtained. Despite being concluded, people can see these videos later, unless the account holder deletes them.

Alternatively, people can simply hang back and watch streams instead of broadcasting their own. Individuals can explore different subreddits and scroll down to find an ongoing or recently filmed stream. Furthermore, people can click the “top broadcasts right now” section and swipe to see the different available streams. This method shuffles through streams ranging from musicians sharing their songs to adventures in the outdoors. On top of chatting with people engaged in a stream, an individual can bestow the broadcast with awards and reactions.

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A look at the service shows that there is a lot of work to be done as the current limits and design prevent it from transforming into a strong broadcasting outlet. Essentially, the 45-minute limit could disrupt the flow of streams, and the scrolling system could make it harder for people to stand out. Compared to Facebook Live, there is room for the platform to grow; especially, if Reddit eases up on some of the restrictions. In addition, there could always be more tools to support people who want to stream at more of a professional level. For instance, cooking streams could have a guide to recipes. Overall, Reddit’s ambitious product is a good start, but its format will need to evolve if it is to stand out from current streaming competitors.

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