Here’s how to find the hidden photo of Rebecca Chambers in both versions of Resident Evil 2. Resident Evil – AKA Biohazard – started life as Sweet Home, a remake of Capcom’s own 2D survival horror title from the late 1980s. This game pioneered a lot of mechanics of the genre, including puzzle-solving, backtracking, and limited items. Resident Evil would eventually become an original title and during development a first-person perspective and multiplayer elements were considered.

Resident Evil would become a huge, unexpected success for Capcom, and work quickly started on a sequel. The development of Resident Evil 2 was famously twisted, with an entire build of the game – dubbed Resident Evil 1.5. – being scrapped over midway through because producer Shinji Mikami thought it was boring. The final version of the game was an even bigger success and is still regarded as one of the franchise’s best. Fans wanted a remake of it for years and finally got their wish in 2019. Against all odds, it was considered a worthy successor to the iconic sequel, and its success led to a greenlight for a Resident Evil 3 remake too.


The original Resident Evil 2 featured lots of easter eggs and unlockables, such as the locker in the R.P.D darkroom. To find the key, players had to run through the opening section and to the police station without picking up additional items. Then they’ll find a zombified Brad Vickers in the station’s underpass, and after taking him down the key can be found on his body. One of the most obscure easter eggs involves a hidden picture of Rebecca Chambers, a character from the original game and prequel Resident Evil 0.

To find this picture in the original Resident Evil 2, head to the S.T.A.R.S office and go to Albert Wesker’s desk. Search the desk 50 times – that’s right, 50 times – and eventually, Film D will become available. Head to the darkroom and develop it, which reveals a picture of Rebecca in a basketball outfit. Director Hideki Kamiya later confirmed it takes 50 searches because the player character is supposed to be literally rifling through the clattered desk in real-time.

The picture is still available in the Resident Evil 2 remake, though the steps to find it are different. Players first need to find the “Hiding Place” film in the sewers, and after that’s developed it will reveal two photos showing locations holding secrets in the R.P.D. One such location is Wesker’s desk, and searching a drawer at the side will reveal a wooden box that holds a unique weapon upgrade for either Leon or Claire. Searching the drawer again will also reveal a roll of film, though no prompt to pick up appears. Grab it and develop the film for the Rebecca basketball image.

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