Someone seems to have calculated the height of Resident Evil Village’s enigmatic Lady Dimitrescu, the attractive tall lady the internet has quickly developed an attraction for. RE Village’s tall lady became a person of interest earlier this year when a trailer and screenshots featuring her and her daughters first debuted, showcasing the lady’s towering height.

In the couple of weeks or so since then, Lady Dimitrescu has been the talk of the town, the main attraction whenever Resident Evil Village garners mention. There’s no reason to guess why, either. She’s absolutely stunning, dressed in the finest gown, and boasts the most piercing glare. Those who have played the game’s Maiden demo on PlayStation 5 and reached its final moments can attest to all of the above. But what remains clouded in mystery are her origins. Is Lady Dimitrescu a vampire, perhaps something else, or something more? That much won’t likely receive clarity until RE Village’s release in a few months.


But one question received at least a cursory answer, since Kotaku may have figured out the tall lady’s height. It doesn’t appear to have been a straightforward task, but was made easier thanks to the lady’s appearance at the end of the Maiden demo, wherein she enters her castle through the courtyard door. While exploring the demo, players stumble across a note mentioning that Castle Dimitrescu’s winemaking techniques date back to the 15th century. Kotaku speculates the castle itself may have been constructed during that period. As such, the fancy French door under which Lady Dimitrescu must duck beneath to enter serves as a solid clue. According to the dimensions of a 15th century French door referenced on the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s website, the courtyard door at Castle Dimitrescu could stand a hair over 7 feet tall. The lady, then, must be upwards of 8 feet in height, given how far down she ducks before entering the room.

Kotaku’s educated guess may not be completely accurate, but it could track. In exploring the Maiden demo on PS5, it’s easy to spot the unusually massive furniture strewn throughout the area. The tall chairs especially weren’t made for anyone, man or woman, of an average build. If Lady Dimitrescu does stand a towering 8 feet tall, she’s sure to make for an interesting Resident Evil foe.

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Capcom unleashed the aforementioned demo last week following its Resident Evil Showcase. During the brief digital event, fans were treated to a look at gameplay and a brand-new story trailer. The publisher also confirmed that a separate demo will go live sometime this spring across all platforms, though details presently remain under wraps.

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Resident Evil Village hits PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X on May 7.

Source: Kotaku

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