Dorinda Medley is admitting to having some hurt feelings after finding out she was fired from Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New York City after season 12. Many fans felt Dorinda’s behavior was a little too volatile during her last season and didn’t enjoy her brand of drama anymore. They began questioning whether or not something in her personal life was bothering her and causing her to lash out at the women for very minor offenses. Fans especially couldn’t understand her treatment of Tinsley Mortimer, whom Dorinda seemed hell-bent on making miserable whenever they were together. Dorinda made a comment that Tinsley, who made it known she desperately wanted to start a family, should just impregnate herself with a turkey baster, a comment which didn’t sit well with anybody.


While fans were in agreement that Dorinda needed a break from the show, they still felt love for her. They were excited to learn Dorinda will take part in The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip season 2. Season 1 of the show is set to drop later this month and was filmed in Turks and Caicos with housewives from four different franchises. Season 2 has already been filmed. However, a release date or trailer has not yet been released. The second season once again puts housewives from different cities together but was filmed in the iconic Bluestone Manor where many important RHONY moments were filmed.

Dorinda is now letting fans in on her thought process going into RHONY season 13 and how she felt when she was told she wouldn’t be a part of it. As reported by Reality Blurb, Dorinda told Michael Rapaport she was blindsided by her firing. According to Dorinda, she was already planning cast trips to Bluestone Manor because she was so sure she would be returning to the show. Amid her planning, Dorinda received a call letting her know she would not be asked back as a housewife. She claimed she burst into tears when she heard the news because she truly wanted to continue as a housewife. She said leaving the show was not a mutual decision between the network and herself, and she was completely caught off guard. Dorinda also claimed she didn’t understand what fans wanted because if housewives are more subdued they are called boring, but if they act out they’re made out to be a villain.

Dorinda and Michael also discussed the apparent double standard in place against her versus other housewives. They spoke about housewives from other shows who were just as volatile, if not more, and were allowed to continue being on the show. Dorinda brought up Lisa Rinna and alluded to the actions of New Jersey housewives, and wondered why they still have their jobs. She said her actions were in line with how a housewife is supposed to act, which is why she was so shocked not to be asked back. She admitted she wasn’t the nicest that year, but she had hoped to have another season to redeem herself.

When Dorinda was let go, Bravo phrased it as a pause for her, which implied the door is open for her to return in the future. Would returning to The Real Housewives of New York City be a good move for her at this point? She has stated that she and Ramona are not in a good place, so it would be interesting to see the two of them interact if she does return–that is, if Ramona is not fired by next season. Change is definitely coming in New York City.

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Source: Reality Blurb

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