Gizelle Bryant from The Real Housewives of Potomac has three daughters, and it’s time to share some interesting facts about her girls. Gizelle is known for being the RHOP instigator, but she shows a different side when she’s spending time with her three children. As the mother of a trio of teens, Gizelle has a lot on her plate. Also, she’s raising her daughters primarily on her own. With Gizelle and Jamal Bryant co-parenting their three daughters long-distance, Gizelle is often the one guiding the girls into adulthood. Her parenting style is applauded and helps give Gizelle some type of likeability on the show.


Original RHOP cast member Gizelle has opened up about the cheating that led to her divorce from Jamal. The two were married from 2002 to 2009 and welcomed three daughters. RHOP‘s Grace is now 16 and twins Angel and Adore are currently 15. Over the last six seasons, viewers have watched the girls go from children to teenagers. Their sweet and humble personalities won over fans and helped to show a softer side of Gizelle. Despite all the drama Gizelle sparks up on the show, a more mature side is shown when she’s wearing her parenting hat.

When Gizelle fills her daughters in on her drama with her castmates, Grace and her sisters are the first to tell their mom when she’s wrong. On social media, Gizelle enjoys sharing her adorable moments with her girls, including a recent Miami vacation where they all coordinated their outfits. Fans often comment on how much Grace looks like her mom. One of the things viewers love about seeing Gizelle with her daughters is how brutally honest they are while critiquing their mom, who’s been called a bad RHOP friend. Daughters Grace, Adore, and Angel aren’t afraid of confronting Gizelle about her cutthroat comments and lack of empathy for others. See Gizelle and her girls below:

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They’ve also expressed their disapproval about Gizelle re-dating their dad years after their divorce. In season 5, Gizelle entertained a brief rekindled romance with Jamal. However, it ended after the pandemic put an even deeper strain on their already long-distance relationship. The girls enjoy spending time with their parents together, but they weren’t in support of them dating again. This is because of Jamal’s cheating in the past. Their response was a surprise to fans who thought the girls would want to see their RHOP parents back together. However, it only confirmed that Gizelle’s daughters have minds of their own and aren’t shy about sharing their views.

The eldest of the three will be hitting the road soon, as she got her learner’s permit earlier this year. In a recent episode, viewers had a good laugh while watching Gizelle teach Grace how to drive. Despite all of the mishaps, Grace showed promise and determination as a young driver. With Jamal living in Atlanta, Gizelle was the parent left to teach Grace. She said if Jamal was closer, she would’ve put him in charge of the challenge. However, it’s a good thing The Real Housewives of Potomac crew captured the comical mommy-daughter moment. Thanks to the Bryant girls, viewers get a chance to see that Gizelle actually does have a heart.

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