With the NBC Peacock reboot of Saved by the Bell arriving soon, it’s a very nostalgic time for ’90s kids who grew up watching this corny show. No matter what scheme Zack Morris (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) was up to, viewers were along for the ride, and of course, everyone swooned over his love story with Kelly Kapowski (Tiffani Thiessen). While the show did go down the path of after-school specials at times, that was unavoidable as it was trying to teach viewers lessons about growing up and behaving properly.

Some of these characters are the best of friends and others are on the periphery of life at Bayside High. While fans look back on this show fondly, they don’t necessarily love all of the main characters.

10 Tori Scott

Leanna Creel’s Saved by the Bell character, Tori Scott, comes onto the show pretty randomly and then disappears, so it’s tough for fans to have really fond memories of her. She and Zack don’t like each other at first but then, naturally, they become romantically involved.

Tori doesn’t have a lot of traits, unless you count wearing a leather jacket and riding a motorcycle. There’s not a lot about her to like.

9 Mr. Belding

Dennis Haskins played Richard Belding, and while he had some funny quotes, he’s not a character who is all that liked by fans.

The problem? Mr. Belding and Zack were often at odds, butting heads and each looking out for only themselves. Mr. Belding wanted Zack to be the kind of model student that he’s not really capable of becoming, and Zack wanted to get into trouble and not have to serve detention. Mr. Belding always seemed like a dull, traditional, and conservative authority figure, so he was tough to like.


8 Violet Bickerstaff

Violet Bickerstaff (Tori Spelling) and Screech (Dustin Diamond) date for a while, and it’s definitely nice to see Screech with a girlfriend as he has had a tough time in school.

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But besides being on the dorky side, Violet doesn’t have that much going on. Viewers don’t feel like they know her very well and it would have been great if she had been given more of her own personality traits.

7 Screech Powers

Screech Powers  is definitely a Saved By The Bell character who sticks in viewers’ minds.

Perhaps the idea was that every school needs a resident dork, but everyone pokes such fun at Screech that it becomes frustrating to watch. It can be awkward to watch Screech himself after a while.

6 Zack Morris

Zack Morris is always up to something and it wouldn’t be a Saved By The Bell episode if he wasn’t behaving badly.

There’s something charming about this character, though, partly because the actor who plays him is very likable himself. Even though Zack needs to learn a lot and stop being so self-absorbed, he has an optimistic, can-do attitude that’s fun to watch.

5 A.C. Slater

Mario Lopez did a great job portraying A.C. Slater, a jock who can’t help but be old-fashioned. While he is often being told off by his girlfriend, Jessie Spano (Elizabeth Berkley), and she’s always right, Slater does charm a lot of people, including his pal, Zack.

There are positive and negative things about Slater’s character. He can be a jerk but he can also be sweet. In that way, he’s a pretty relatable character, as he’s not fully formed yet and he’s still young.

4 Max

Max (Ed Alonzo) runs the place where the characters enjoy hanging out and grabbing some junk food.

He’s one of the most likable characters on the show as he seems to have a real love for the gang. He was good at magic and would also try his best to help the teens out when they were going through something — which, of course, was all the time.

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3 Lisa Turtle

Lisa Turtle (Lark Voorhies) is the most fashionable character on the show. She’s the object of Screech’s affection and while she doesn’t return his feelings, she does treat him with a certain fondness.

Lisa is a fun character to watch and she’s a good friend to the rest of the gang. She brings a lot of personality to the show.

2 Jessie Spano

Jessie is an independent, powerful, inspiring character with a lot of conviction. She has morals and doesn’t have a problem saying what she thinks.

Jessie is one of the easiest characters to like on the show. It’s fun to watch her tell Slater off when he deserves it, and she has many human and relatable moments, too, like when she takes too many caffeine pills in the infamous episode, “Jessie’s Song.”

1 Kelly Kapowski

Kelly has got to be the most well-liked Saved By The Bell character. She’s sweet, fashionable, pretty, and basically the quintessential teenage girl.

She’s good at cheerleading and also school itself, she works hard, and she’s nice to other people. There isn’t anything to hate about Kelly, that’s for sure, and even when she’s pining after Zack and could do much better, fans of the show wish that they could be best friends with her.

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