Jarod Clark is one of the many unpopular polygamists that starred in Seeking Sister Wife season 3, and since his career as a reality TV personality has come to an end, Jarod’s struggled to make his dreams of ruling a kingdom with several wives a reality. Jarod endured a tense relationship with his former plural partner, Kaleh, in season 3, and it’s unclear whether he and his wife were able to recover from the shocking breakup. From his polygamous relationship status to his newfound passions, here’s what happened to Jarod Clark after season 3.

During his run in Seeking Sister Wife season 3, Jarod demonstrated how difficult it can be to lead a plural marriage. Before venturing into polygamy, Jarod was in a monogamous relationship with his first wife, Vanessa. Eventually, Jarod was convinced that he wanted to expand his marriage into a polygamous relationship, but his wife wasn’t on board right away. By the time The Clark family starred in Seeking Sister Wife season 3, however, Kaleh had joined their relationship. Regrettably, Jarod’s polygamous attempt failed in season 3 as Kaleh, alongside Seeking Sister Wife‘s viewers, argued that Jarod was too controlling. Kaleh’s dramatic departure caused fans to wonder what happened to Jarod Clark after season 3.


Unfortunately, Jarod wasn’t able to regain his relationship with Kaleh after she stormed out of his house in Seeking Sister Wife season 3. Kaleh accused Jarod of not respecting her and treating her more like a babysitter than a polygamous partner. Not long after season 3 concluded, Jarod’s ex-girlfriend announced that she was pregnant. Although viewers were quick to assume Kaleh was with Jarod’s child, sleuths soon realized Kaleh had ditched the patriarch’s home well before she could have gotten pregnant with this baby. Although he might not have succeeded in his goal of creating a kingdom of his own with several wives, or “queens,” as Jarod calls his spouses, the patriarch hasn’t given up on his affinity for plural marriage. Jarod and Vanessa currently run a joint Instagram account, Polypassionate, which details their ongoing venture to add another wife to their marriage.

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While Jarod might maintain his interest in welcoming another polygamous partner to his relationship with Vanessa since Seeking Sister Wife season 3, the self-proclaimed king hasn’t demonstrated any sign of coming close to meeting his plural marriage aspirations. Jarod’s Instagram hasn’t highlighted any new romantic prospects since the Clark family’s controversial experience in Seeking Sister Wife. Fortunately, this doesn’t appear to have negatively impacted Jarod’s relationship with Vanessa, who he regularly expresses his love for on social media. After season 3, Jarod has shared several posts dedicated to his long-lasting affection for Vanessa. On top of maintaining a healthy relationship with his original wife, Jarod has also continued to pursue his real estate career path and personal interests. Specifically, Jarod routinely shares videos of himself working out as well as clips of his favorite cars. Fortunately, drama seems to have kept away from Jarod after season 3.

Jarod had trouble finding a balance in his plural marriage in Seeking Sister Wife, and after season 3, Jarod Clarks’s life seems to have evened out. Although he doesn’t appear to have replaced Kaleh, the pair’s Instagram suggests that Jarod’s relationship with Vanessa has never been stronger. While it’s natural to wonder what happened to Jarod Clark after season 3, not much has gone on in Jarod’s kingdom since Seeking Sister Wife.

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