The latest title by From Software, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice presents a challenging but offensively driven take to the Souls formula. With a wide variety of powerful enemies throughout the game, Sekiro challenges player’s technical skill and their reaction time.Whether it be headless monkey bosses or devastating kite riding ninjas, Sekiro requires a large amount of skill and game knowledge to survive the danger-filled environments.

The final boss of Sekiro forces players to apply the many lessons they learned throughout the game and utilize them in a cinematic and satisfying conclusion to the incredible single-player adventure. Players must defeat the previously fought Genichiro and the dangerous Isshin to complete the story and finish the game. Both these bosses are powerful enemies that may be tricky to face for a player’s first time facing them. This guide will provide some tips and tricks to defeating the final boss fight of Sekiro, concluding the brutally challenging samurai epic.


Fighting Genichiro in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

A boss fought earlier in the game, Genichiro is the first phase in this epic boss encounter. His moves are relatively consistent from his earlier incarnation and a lot of the same principles are applied to this fight. That is not to say that the fight is any easier from the first battle with the rival samurai, if anything it is more difficult in this situation.

Genichiro possesses a variety of powerful moves that can easily hurt if not kill players with a few connections. Be sure to memorize his pattern and become familiar with his brutal and devastating move set. One of his most powerful moves is his slow Mortal Draw. This wide-swinging slash attack has a very glacial start-up period but when it does come out the move can kill a player in as little as one blow. To avoid this move simply dodge, block or jump over the wide slash. Be wary in blocking due to the high damage it does to a player’s posture. Simply jump or dodge the move and counter-attack when possible.

Genichiro hosts a move set as diverse as Sekiro’s with a variety of combination attacks, jumping attacks and long-ranged stabbing moves. Learn his pattern and the proper ways to counter each of his powerful moves in order to whittle away his mammoth posture and eventually kill the samurai. His moves are similar to the first time players faced the rival. One of his most lethal moves is his rare but devastating grab attack. He will rush players with one hand extended and if it connects it will surely kill if not mortally wound a player. When you notice Genichiro charging, be sure to jump or dodge his grab attempt then counter-attack.

If played carefully Genichiro will serve no problem for a Sekiro player who has reached this section of the game. It is important to note that it is best not to waste any items on Genichiro, as Isshin will require all of the tools and tricks at a player’s disposal. Whittle away at Genichiro until a cut scene begins to play signaling the start of the final battle in Sekiro.

Fighting Isshin in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

The true final boss of Sekiro, Isshin, will put all the skills learned throughout the game to the test. Hosting three phases all of which could be bosses in their own right, players will need to have a true understanding of the game’s mechanics to defeat this enemy. Isshin will require extensive knowledge of firecrackers and many of the other gadgets in Sekiro to defeat.

When facing Isshin it is important to realize that blocking is what wins this boss battle. An overly aggressive player is exactly what Isshin will exploit and punish. Being comfortable turtling up against the boss will be the key to victory. His posture is insanely difficult to break so picking and choosing when to fight the legendary warrior will be what distinguishes failure from victory. Isshin’s wide variety of powerful strikes will test a player’s resolve but with some caution, there is room to defeat him.

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When fighting Isshin it is important that you do not stick to close to the boss for too long. When attacking Isshin, be sure to hit him with two or three good attacks before going back on the defensive. This is not a boss that leaves room for multiple attacks or combos. Isshin will require a very elusive play style to defeat. His variety of fast strikes will punish an overly greedy player. So be sure to be conservative in your fighting style when facing him.

Isshin’s first phase consists of his fast sword style. This phase will feature multiple slash attacks that can eat away at a player’s posture and vitality. Be sure to stay mobile by jumping over his occasional slow-moving slashes and punishing when able. Good use of firecrackers will be effective in this phase as they open up the possibility for counter-attacks and a break from his powerful offense.

Isshin’s second phase introduces his long-range spear move set. An entirely new move set, Isshin’s spear has incredible range and killing potential, making his sword move set look like a joke. A good tip to keep in mind, Isshin has a variety of powerful charged-up wind attacks, when equipped at the right time, Sekiro’s umbrella gadget will nullify these attacks. Be cautious and attack when able to chip away at the boss’s health pool.

The final phase of the fight will revolve around Isshin’s lighting attacks. Mobility is key here as any of these strikes will place Sekiro in a life or death situation. Be sure to avoid these attacks and watch out for Isshin’s occasional jump attacks. Keep utilizing a “get in get out” playstyle when attacking the boss. Patience is the key to defeating the intimidating warrior and with a conservative and cautious style, the fearsome warrior’s defeat will seal the end of the epic story of Sekiro.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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