Warning: Spoilers for Single All the Way

Here’s every song used in one of Netflix’s new Christmas romcoms, Single All the Way. Being a Christmas movie, Single All the Way is naturally obligated to stuff its soundtrack with recognizable pop Christmas tracks, along with more classic renditions of well-known tunes. The film delivers on all these fronts, as well as offering a heartwarming holiday story.

Single All the Way joins the ranks of many other holiday romcoms on Netflix, such as the mixed-reviewed A Castle for Christmas, and checks all the genre’s key boxes: lots of Christmas decorations, cozy vibes, true love, and of course, loads of Christmas music. The songs used in Single All the Way do more than just set the holiday vibe, however. Several of them have important meanings for the characters, and the soundtrack incorporates them to underscore touching and/or humorous moments in a way that works quite well. Single All the Way even features a few colorful original numbers, “Mrs. Claus” and “Single All the Way” by Kevin the snowplow guy, played by Dan Finnerty, who has a similarly iconic role at the end of The Hangover‘s timeline during Doug’s wedding.


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Part of the beauty of pop Christmas music is its broad range of genres, something Single All the Way makes intentional use of throughout. The songs are thus not only useful in establishing the Christmas spirit and the film’s themes of familial and romantic love, but for setting the tones of different scenes as well. Here’s every song that plays in Single All the Way.

“Not Tonight Santa” by Girls Aloud – During Single All the Way‘s opening, as protagonist Peter half-heartedly directs a Christmas-themed photoshoot, this song plays in the background and over the film’s title card.

“I Hope You Have a Horrible Christmas” by Angela Sheik – Peter and Nick attend their friends’ holiday party at the beginning of the movie, and this song plays during the scene’s opening as hellos and martinis are exchanged.

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“Jingle Bells” by Sugar & The Hi Lows – Later in the party scene, Nick and his boyfriend Tim share a moment outside on the patio, with this poppy rendition of “Jingle Bells” setting the mood.

“Christmas All the Time” by Explosive Ear Candy – Immediately following the party scene, Peter spends a day shopping for gifts while on FaceTime with his family. This song kicks off the fast-paced montage with a holiday bang.

“Happy Holiday/The Holiday Season” by The Manhattan Transfer – The first classic Christmas tune comes during a brief montage that shows Peter and Nick swapping palm trees and the LA skyline for a wintry New Hampshire wonderland as they arrive back in Peter’s hometown.

“So Caught Up” by Tom Linden, Domenico Russo, and Michele Russo – Though not a Christmas tune, this EDM bop sets the scene perfectly when Peter meets his dreamy blind date, James at his Mom’s spin gym.

“O Christmas Tree” performed by Studio Musicians – This classic arrangement plays softly in the background while Peter and James have their first date at a local coffee shop.

“The First Noel” performed by Natalie Taylor – Another subtly incorporated Christmas staple, this one plays in the wine shop where Nick and Peter bump into each other right after Peter’s first date with James.

“Joy to the World” by Whitney Houston with The Georgia Mass Choir – Foreshadowed by Aunt Sandy’s earlier claim that it’s her favorite Christmas song, this magnetic arrangement of Joy to the World plays during the montage that shows Peter and Nick pitching in with the kids’ Christmas pageant.

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“My Only Wish (This Year)” by Britney Spears – The morning after his nieces conspire to force Peter and Nick to share a bed, Peter chats with them in the attic while prepping for the pageant. The conversation ends with Peter bringing up their favorite Britney Spears Christmas song, and he and his nieces, and later his nephews and Nick too, perform a choreographed number to it.

“The Christmas Waltz” by Nancy Wilson – Single All The Way‘s final scene sees the family opening gifts and Peter and Nick making their big announcement. Nancy Wilson’s “The Christmas Waltz” is the song that ushers in this last big moment in Single All the Way.

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