It is time to return to the very beginning of the Zelda timeline with The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD. Chronologically this game is set before all of the other titles in the franchise and introduces a lot of concepts that have become staples of the series. Just like all the games through the players get to take control of everyone’s favorite green-clad Hylian, Link, on a quest to save the world from complete destruction.

Also, like the majority of other games in The Legend of Zelda series, there are a host of interesting items for players to scour the world in search of during the course of Skyward Sword HD. One such group of items are the Goddess Cubes that can be found. Tracking down all of them can be a pretty big task, and the player will need to look hard in each area of the map to track them all down. This guide shows how to find all of the Goddess Cubes at Eldin Volcano.


The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD – All Eldin Volcano Goddess Cube Locations

Throughout the world, the player will find a series of Goddess Cubes. These gray cubes can be hit with a skyward strike from Link’s sword in order to trigger them and send them hurtling into the sky. By doing so a Goddess Chest will appear up in the sky for Link to then track down and open to receive a reward. These range from things like huge amounts of rupees to helpful items like empty bottles. There are six Cubes to be found at Eldin Volcano and this is where the player will find them:

  • Cube #1 – Right at the entrance to the volcano there will be a large bird statue. Right next to it there will be a ledge that the player can hop off of to find a small platform below with the first cube on it. Striking it will make a chest appear in the northern part of Skyloft. This chest contains a Silver Rupee.
  • Cube #2 – If the player follows the path that heads east from the first cube they will eventually come to an area where a second large bird statue is located. Directly north of this area the player will find the next cube in the central part of the map right up against a rocky wall. The chest will appear in the southwestern section of Skyloft just west of Fun Fun Island and it will contain a Small Seed Satchel.
  • Cube #3 – When the player reaches the steam spout they can use this to get up into one of the volcano’s cones located in the south central area of the map. Once the player is up here they can jump off the ledge and land on a small platform that has a Goddess Cube on it. This will cause a chest to appear in the Thunderhead section of Isle of Songs that contains a Gold Rupee.
  • Cube #4 – To the immediate west of the entrance to the Earth Temple the player can find a diggable spot to uncover another steam spout. The player can then carry a bomb flower over and drop it in the spout to shoot it up to a bombable wall above them. They can then blow up this wall in order to get the goddess cube behind it. This will in turn open up a chest on Bamboo Island that will contain a Gold Rupee.
  • Cube #5 – From there the player should turn around and go east from the Earth Temple entrance until they come across a Bokoblin Village. There will be tower here that the player will need to blow up with a bomb to create a bridge. Rather than crossing the bridge the player should first take a small path that heads to the right next to it that will lead straight to another Goddess Cube. A chest will then appear just southeast of Beedle’s Island in Skyloft that the player can open up to acquire a Treasure Medal.
  • Cube #6 – In the eastern portion of Eldin Volcano the player will eventually come across a sand slide. The player will need to slide down the left hand side and aim to land on a platform here that has a dig spot on it. Directly below this is another platform that has the final Goddess Cube on it. This will open up a chest in the center of town in Skyloft that will give the player a Heart Piece for their trouble.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD can be played on Nintendo Switch.

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