Sony recently held an internal competition in which the first 50 employees who earned Ghost of Tsushima’s platinum trophy would be rewarded with a special prize. After the competition ended, the winning employees couldn’t help but show off what they had won, and the reward is incredible.

Trophies are PlayStation’s version of achievements, and they are awarded to players when certain objectives are completed. To obtain Ghost of Tsushima’s platinum trophy, players need to obtain every other trophy in the game. Ghost of Tsushima has 52 trophies in total including the platinum trophy which is obtained after completing all other 51 challenges. None of the trophies are incredibly challenging or tied to the game’s difficulty settings, but they do require the player to travel long distances and put a lot of time into the game. The reward for being one of the first 50 employees to earn the platinum trophy was well worth the effort.


A Guerrilla Games developer that goes by Birdman Drew on Twitterwas the first to show off his reward which was a metal replica of the game’s tsuba which is the sword’s hand-guard. It also came in a beautifully engraved wooden box. Other employees were quick to reply to drew showing what they had won and sharing what place they had finished in. Drew finished 2nd with Scott Mari trailing close behind in 3rd. Mary Ann shared that she had finished 16th, and Kara Johnson finished 27th.

All of the competitors shared pictures of their reward most of which were nestled amongst their Ghost of Tsushima collectors edition items. The tsuba fits perfectly situated next to Jin Sakai’s mask. Drew also mentioned that the competition was for Sony colleagues only and that the timer started on the game’s release day which was July 17. He shared that he had earned the platinum trophy at 5:45 PM CET, two days after the game’s release on July 19.

This kind of internal competition is really interesting to see and is quite a unique idea. While players outside of Sony’s pool of employees were not able to compete, it is cool to see the people behind the games having a chance to win a unique prize. Now if one of the winners could mail their prize to a DIY YouTuber and have them fix it to a genuine katana, that would be next level. But for now, seeing something as unique and limited as the Ghost of Tsushima tsuba replica will do for now.

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Source: Birdman Drew

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