Warning! Spoilers ahead for The Mandalorian season 2, episode 5, “Chapter 13: The Jedi.”

While there were plenty of big reveals and incredible moments in the latest episode of The Mandalorianone of the most interesting elements was Ahsoka Tano’s recommendation to the Mandalorian Din Djarin that he take the young and powerful child known as Grogu, aka Baby Yoda, to the planet of Tython. There he would find the remains of an old Jedi temple where Baby Yoda could potentially reach out to another Jedi who might then come for him.

As a result, it stands to reason that Tython will soon be an upcoming destination the pair will visit in the Razor Crest. However, the Force-active world has already been featured in the Star Wars galaxy, both in Legends and more recently in the official canon. In Legends, Tython had been featured in comics, books, and the popular Old Republic MMORPG, where its history and importance had been fleshed out quite a bit, serving as a critical world for the Jedi Order and those who came before them. In comparison, the new official canon has revealed much less, though The Mandalorian would certainly serve as the biggest and best look at the world thus far.


From what is already known about Tython, it may very well be the Mandalorian’s most dangerous adventure yet for a variety of reasons, and could perhaps test Din Djarin and Baby Yoda in new ways they haven’t been before, not to mention that fact that the Imperial Moff Gideon is closing in on them with his new and mysterious forces.

Why Tython Is Important In Star Wars Canon & Legends

While Tython has been much more fleshed out in the Star Wars non-canon dubbed Legends, both the official canon and Legends agree that Tython is a vastly important Jedi world, despite it having been abandoned by the time of The Mandalorian and even before the beginnings of the Skywalker saga. Tython was first mentioned in the 2007 novel Darth Bane: Rule of Two as the birthplace of the Jedi, and more Legends materials would claim that it was the site of the very first precursor Jedi known as the Je’daii Order as detailed in the Dawn of the Jedi comic series from John Ostrander and Jan Duursema.

Tython is situated in the Deep Core, meaning that it’s positioned near the center of the known Star Wars galaxy. Tython also carried two moons in its orbit, going by the names Ashla and Bogan, with the moons representing the light and dark sides of the Force respectively. According to the Legends materials, Tython was also the site of the Force Wars, which was one of the first times the followers of the light clashed with those of the dark, resulting in a massive 10-year conflict. It was after this war that the victors in the light side of the Force became known as the Jedi Order. They would then expand to other worlds such as Ossus and eventually Coruscant, forming new temples and increasing the influence in the galaxy as protectors of the peace and light side of the Force.

While the canon hasn’t gone that far just yet, it has confirmed that Tython is one of a handful of worlds that could have originated the Jedi and the first Jedi Temple, along with worlds such as Ahch-To, Jedha, Coruscant, and the planet Ossus. Keeping in mind Han Solo’s revelation in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, it’s possible that Luke Skywalker traveled and visited Tython in his journey to find the first Jedi Temple before settling at the Temple found on Ahch-To.

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Star Wars Legends Reveals Tython’s Natural Power In The Force

The Star Wars galaxy has many regions that are powerful in the Force, serving as nexus points that allow Force-wielders to tap into them. Notable locations include the caves on Dagobah and Ahch-To that Luke Skywalker and Rey ventured into respectively, and even the region on the lava planet Mustafar where Darth Vader built his dark fortress. As such, Star Wars Legends revealed that Tython was even more susceptible to the influences of the force on an even greater scale, and even its weather patterns would shift in response to the activities of any Force wielders on the planet’s surface. These events were known as Force Storms, and could be incredibly dangerous.

While it’s as of yet unclear if Tython will hold to this supernatural phenomenon in the official canon and in future episodes of The Mandalorian, it could prove to be quite dangerous if it does. As Ahsoka detailed in the latest episode, young Grogu’s path in the Force is unclear as well. While taking him to Tython could help him seek out a Jedi, he could also trigger the planet’s natural responses to the Force in both its light and dark aspects, creating all kinds of problems that could possibly put Din Djarin out of his depth. According to Ahsoka, Grogu’s attachment to the Mandalorian has fostered some fear within the powerful child, which could lead Baby Yoda more to the dark side with potential uncontrollable consequences as a result while on the equally powerful planet.

Star Wars Canon: Tython’s Mountain Has Been Featured In Marvel Comics

In the finale to the Marvel Comics Doctor Aphra series from Simon Spurrier, Aphra misled Darth Vader by making him think that the Rebel Alliance’s new base was on Tython (instead of the planet Hoth where her loved ones were). This ruse provides fans with their first official canon look at the planet, and quite possibly the very same mountain Ahsoka told Din Djarin to take Baby Yoda to so he could call out to the Jedi. Aphra took Vader and his Imperial forces into the depths of the Force-active mountain, luring them into a chamber known as the Martyrium of Frozen Tears. There, she activated a series of traps that were built by the earliest Jedi in order to confuse, distract, and take out Vader’s troops, leaving her alone with the Dark Lord. She then trapped Vader in a confessional made of kyberite built into the heart of the mountain, which forced him to relive all of his sins and regrets at once, allowing her to delete the Empire’s probe droid files and keep them off the scent of Hoth long enough for the Rebels to get their base established.

Ahsoka told Djarin to take Grogu to the top of a mountain on Tython and place him on a seeing stone which will allow Baby Yoda to call out to any Jedi who might be able to respond and find him. If this mountain is the same once Aphra and Vader were inside, the Mandalorian could find himself having to navigate a series of Jedi-built traps and devices meant to ward off any unwelcome intruders, despite the Temple having been abandoned for centuries.

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Will Moff Gideon Strike Back At The Mandalorian On Tython?

The Mandalorian season 2, episode 4, “Chapter 12: The Siege” did reveal that Moff Gideon’s agents placed a tracker onboard the Razor Crest when the Mandalorian took it in for repairs while revisiting Greef Karga and Cara Dune on the planet Nevarro. Therefore, there’s no doubt that Gideon and his forces will find Din and Baby Yoda soon. Could the showdown possibly be on Tython itself? It makes a certain amount of sense, seeing as how Tython will more than likely be the Mandalorian’s next stop on his quest to get Grogu into safe hands.

New details also emerged from Chapter 12 that provided more insight as to why Grogu is so important to Gideon and his plans. Due to Grogu’s high midi-chlorian count (the microscopic organisms that give Jedi their connection to the Force), Gideon and his scientists are hoping to use Grogu’s blood in their experiments for what seems to be a bid at transfusing and/or creating artificial Force abilities within another being. As such, Gideon’s desperate to get the child back into his hands. Not only that, but he’ll also have his new Dark Troopers in his employ to help take down the Mandalorian and retrieve his prize.

Din Djarin and Baby Yoda’s upcoming adventure on Tython could end up taking a variety of different forms, but it’s safe to say that it will more than likely be more dangerous that any worlds they’ve visited thus far. Beyond any Force phenomena or traps they might encounter, Gideon’s forces are closing in. Hopefully Djarin will be prepared for whatever comes his and Baby Yoda’s way as The Mandalorian continues on Disney+.

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