The Stargirl season 2 finale has hinted at what comic book villain may be the big bad in season 3. The show follows Brec Bassinger as Courtney Whitmore, a teenage girl who joins the Justice Society of America after harnessing the power of a cosmic staff. The series, which is based on the DC Comics character of the same name and also stars Anjelika Washington, Trae Romano, Amy Smart, Luke Wilson, Yvette Monreal, and Cameron Gellman, premiered on the CW in 2020. The finale of Stargirl season 2 aired yesterday.

The season 2 finale set up many plot threads that will be followed throughout season 3. The subtitle of the season is “Frenemies,” and it will likely follow the ups and downs resulting from Stargirl, The Shade, the Crocks, and Cindy Burman being in close proximity with one another. Another wrinkle is coming in the form of the cosmic staff’s original owner, Starman, reappearing. Joel McHale, who plays Starman, has confirmed that he will be appearing as a series regular next season.


In addition to all those plot threads, Stargirl has a new villain on the horizon. The end credits stinger of the season 2 finale returned to the Helix Institute, where Mister Bones learns of those strange living arrangements in Blue Valley. He decides that’s something he will need to see for himself, and the show allowed audiences to see a brief glimpse of him for themselves.

In the comics, Mister Bones is a character with see-through flesh, giving him the appearance of being a living skeleton. He is a reformed villain (also known as Director Bones) who runs the Department of Extranormal Operations. His department is frequently in competition with the one run by Amanda Waller, who is portrayed by Viola Davis in the Suicide Squad movies. The show’s iteration of Mister Bones is played by Keith David, an actor with a prolific career who is perhaps best known for his work with John Carpenter in films like The Thing and They Live.

It’s unknown exactly what part Mister Bones will play in the events of the next season of Stargirl. However, even if they choose to honor his arc in the comics and not depict him as an out-and-out villain, Mister Bones is still fully capable of stirring the pot in Blue Valley and disturbing the extremely tentative peace. What is certain is that the next season of Stargirl is going to be game-changing for the series, completely shaking up the dynamic that shaped the first two seasons.

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